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The Border

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Femicide in Baja California

Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Staff, May 21, 2009

While femicides in Ciudad Juarez and the state of Chihuahua have garnered international headlines, little attention has been paid to womens murders in the Mexican state of Baja California.

Narco Billboards Unlimited

Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Staff, May 17, 2009

For four days running last week, narco banners were publicly displayed in numerous cities in at least 14 Mexican states, urging law enforcement to respect the sanctity of presumed narcos family members.

Family, Work and Progress -- Latina Immigrants Speak

New America Media, Video, Josue Rojas, May 15, 2009

Women are the backbone of the Latino community and immigrant women -- documented and undocumented -- hold their families together through faith, fierceness and a work ethic with an emphasis on the future. New America Media released a poll, Women Immigrants: Stewards of the 21st Century, documenting the thoughts, struggles and triumphs of immigrant women in America.

The Saint of Drug Cartels

La Voz de San Diego, News Report, Alejandro Maciel, Translated by Elena Shore, May 13, 2009

Mexican authorities have destroyed 30 capillas dedicated to Santa Muerte in response to their strong association with drug trafficking. But observers say dismantling the shrine of the so-called narco-saint isnt going to diminish crime. Traduccin al espaol

Elvira Arellano Runs for Mexican Congress

Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Staff, May 09, 2009

The activist who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year before being deported is now the candidate for Congress on the ticket of Mexico's center-left Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

Journalism in Mexico Is a Dangerous Business

New America Media, News Report, Jos Luis Sierra, May 09, 2009

Six months after journalist Armando Rodriguez was gunned down in front of his home in Ciudad Juarez, local reporters say they are extremely cautious about how they cover drug cartels. NAM contributor Jos Luis Sierra interviewed reporters who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Historic Femicide Trial Gets Underway

Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Staff, May 05, 2009

Marking the first time the Organization of American States court has heard a Mexican femicide case, the historic legal proceeding centers on the slayings of three young women who were found with five other female victims in a Ciudad Juarez cotton field in 2001.

Journey into a Paranoid Mexico

El Mensajero, Commentary, Mara Antonieta Meja, Translated by Elena Shore, May 03, 2009

At the height of a swine flu outbreak, Mexicos government and citizens descend into paranoia, during one woman's recent visit to the country.


Despite Swine Flu Epidemic, Little Has Changed at the Border

La Prensa-San Diego, News Report, Mariana Martinez, May 02, 2009

The U.S.-Mexico border always difficult to handle has seen little change in policies, screenings or public health surveillance measures, leaving citizens of both countries wondering once again, exactly who is in charge of protecting such a susceaptible area.

Drug Cartels Use Women As Gun Runners

New America Now, Audio, Odette Keeley, May 01, 2009

BELO TV in El Paso, Texas reports on Mexican drug cartels using women as weapons purchasers and smugglers; and the long-time Mexico Bureau Chief of Dallas Morning News describes the dangers he faces covering narcoviolence.

News > The Border > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 9