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Advertisers Ditching Black Media for Hispanic Outlets

Black Web 2.0, Aug 18, 2009

An Irish research firm has found something that multicultural advertising executives have known for some time: Advertisers are pulling money out of traditional and new black media and putting it into Hispanic ad campaigns, reports Black Web 2.0.

Bad Air in California High School

New America Now Radio, Audio, Odette Keeley, Aug 14, 2009

This week on "Stories From the Ethnic Media": El Mensajero reports on students in Richmond High School breathing bad air; and 1170 AM KLOK is the San Francisco Bay Area's first and only 24/7 South Asian radio station.

Young Freelance Journalists Take Big Risks

Youth Radio , Q&A, Noah Nelson, Aug 10, 2009

Freelance Journalists Are on Their Own

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Aug 10, 2009

Media outlets should offer their freelance journalists the same protections accorded their staffers, especially when the stringers go to regions deemed hot spots.

Major Advertisers Flee From Glenn Beck

Black Star News, News Report , Staff, Aug 06, 2009

Three companies who run ads during Glenn Beck, today distanced themselves from Beck. The companies are, owned by NexisLexis, Procter & Gamble and Progressive Insurance.

Why is White Right Attacking the First Black President?

Final Call, News Analysis, Charlene Muhammad, Aug 06, 2009

Since he announced his candidacy, Mr. Obama and his family have been maligned, slandered, and targeted by right wing and so-called independent media hosts.

Ten FAQs of Census 2010

New America Media, News Report, Jun Wang, Aug 04, 2009

Ethnic media joined officials from the U.S. Census Bureau to discuss what are the 10 most frequently asked questions on the census.

Minnesota Somali Soccer Event Shuts Out Mainstream TV Channel

New America Now Radio, Audio, Odette Keeley, Jul 31, 2009

This week's radio round-up of stories from the ethnic media: Somali soccer organizers in Minnesota shut out a mainstream TV channel; and the Chinese community gets an apology from California.

China’s Anti-Blogging Strategy: Tell the Truth, and Fast

New America Media, News Analysis, Xujun Eberlein, Jul 29, 2009

The call to "tell the truth and tell it fast" coming from a government mouthpiece surprised some Chinese dissidents who have long been protesting the government’s strict media control.


BELO TV Documents Mexican Drug War Impact on Civilians

New America Now TV, Video, Anchor & Producer: Odette Keeley// Video: Mike Siv, Jul 22, 2009

BELO TV's Angela Kocherga sees firsthand how Mexico's President Felipe Calderon's war on drugs has frustrated Mexican people, especially those living along the U.S. border.

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