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NAM in Washington

Contact Khalil Abdullah (kabdullah [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.) for more information about New America Media in Washington, D.C.

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black brown rally

Black Latino Sounds Off on Dueling Minorities

Blacktino.net, Commentary, Kevin Alberto Sabio , Oct 17, 2007

A Latino, of African descent, critiques the culture, politics and, in part, the geography of self-identity as he moves from the diversity of urban New York to the newly emerging multi-cultural dynamics of the South.

danny glover

Fight AIDS in Africa and in Black America

The Washington Informer, Commentary, Danny Glover, Oct 16, 2007

Danny Glover uses his celebrity to promote issues dear to his heart. His outspokenness on HIV/AIDS stems from an objective perspective on the impact of the disease on the African-American community and personal familiarity with an affected family member.

denise barnes

In the Face of Shootings, D.C. Residents Need More than Hope

The Washinton Informer, Commentary, Denise Rolark Barnes, Oct 10, 2007

Urban geography often shapes the destinies of a neighborhood's children. In Washington, D.C., an off-duty policeman who lived in a gated community shot to death a 14-year-old resident of an adjacent housing development. These are the times when the "village" is needed most.

deonte mourning

Medical Records Show D.C. Teen Was Shot From Behind

Washington Afro American, News Feature, Valenicia Mohammed, Oct 08, 2007

A family mourning the loss of a young teen shot by an off-duty police officer is incensed by the differing accounts of the 14-year-old's death. The release of the autopsy report's findings about the fatal bullet's path has only added more fuel to a Washington, D.C. community's outrage.


Academic McCarthyism Threatens Democracy

Black Commentator, Commentary, David A. Love, Oct 07, 2007

If Americans can't abide their own Constitution, maybe they should rethink its usefulness. The tepid response to recent censures within academia speak to the need to raise the volume about the now disappearing right that once made the United States the envy of the world: freedom to dissent.

Congress Quietly Approves Billions More for Iraq War

Muslim Observer, News Feature, Staff, Oct 07, 2007

It is costly for America to continue its military occupation of Iraq, but, before $9 billion more dollars could be drawn down, the federal debt ceiling had to be raised, inching closer to the $10 trillion mark.

jena six mom bell

Jena Six DAs Odious Op-Ed

The Black Star News, Commentary, Editorial Staff, Oct 06, 2007

One editorial team scours Reed Walters's op-ed in The New York Times. But unlike Walters, who could find no charges against Jena's noose-hangers in the Louisiana criminal code, The Black Star News comes across damning indictments of the Jena Six DA in his own words.

askia muhammad

Blame Your Own Leaders

Washington Informer, Commentary, Askia Muhammad, Oct 05, 2007

Decisions by America's leadership in recent times, from Katrina to Iraq, raise concerns that the country is beginning a downward slide without having achieved the goal of a more perfect union. Who, then, should be held accountable?

pan african congress

South Africa: Worse Now Than Under Apartheid?

Black Press International, Commentary, William Reed, Oct 05, 2007

The economic disparities under apartheid still persist in South Africa, despite the political ascendancy of Nelson Mandela's African National Congress. That message is being brought to the United States by a South African from a different political party with an alternative vision.

dc police

D.C. Police Eye More Bilingual Cops

Asian Fortune, News Feature, Jennie L. Ilustre, Oct 04, 2007

In Washington, D.C., Asian bilingual speakers are being sought to fill the ranks of the city's police force through a cooperative effort with the Mayor's Office on Asian and Pacific Islanders Affairs.

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