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NAM original coverage, youth media stories and ethnic media articles on health care and policy in America. For more information on NAM's healthcare coverage coverage, contact Viji Sundaram at vsundaram [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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haiti quake

Rush to Aid Haiti's Earthquake Victims

One World.net, News report, Brittany Schell , Jan 17, 2010

Individuals, aid organizations, and governments worldwide are rallying to aid the people of Haiti after Tuesday's devastating earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people and crippled the infrastructure of the island nation, already the poorest in the western hemisphere.

immigrant Health care

Why Health Care Reform Could Leave Us All Worse Off

New America Media, Commentary, Sonal Ambegaokar, J.D., Jan 16, 2010

The exclusion of millions of immigrants from health care would jeopardize the health of all Americans, writes the commentator.

Healthy Families

States Budget Cuts Jeopardize Childrens Healthcare Program

New America Media, News Report, Text: Viji Sundaram// Video: Liat Krawczyk and Josue Rojas, Jan 11, 2010

California's Healthy Families program helps nearly one million children have access to health care. Now it might fall victim to budget cuts and federal health care reform.

A Doctor's Word--Tips from Al on Managing Diabetes

New America Media, Commentary, Erin Marcus, M.D., Jan 09, 2010

Al Whitaker, 54, an associate church pastor in Boston, was diagnosed with diabetes nine years ago. But through diet, exercise and self-management, he is in control of a "scary" diagnosis and his health.

A Free School Breakfast, But Oakland Kids Aren't Biting

New America Media, News Report, Carolyn Goossen, Jan 07, 2010

Melrose Leadership Academy in Oakland feeds its students free breakfasts in their classrooms every morning, but it is unique among district schools.

cancer in Iraq

Cancer The Deadly Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq

New America Media, News Digest, Jalal Ghazi, Jan 06, 2010

Cancer and birth defects are skyrocketing in Iraq. Arab media say Iraqi doctors are struggling to cope and are worried that the impact of depleted uranium in bombs used in Iraq will be felt for years to come.

senator sanders health care reform

Health Care Disparities at Core of Sen. Sanders Vote

New America Media, News report, Khalil Abdullah, Dec 30, 2009

Though an Independent, Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders extracted a $10 billion expansion of community health centers from his legislative peers in exchange for his support for the Senates version of the health care bill last week. At core of his interest: issue of disparity.


Flu Season Peaks, H1N1 Rumors Swirl

New America Media, News report, Jacob Simas, Dec 30, 2009

According to public health officials, nearly 1 in 6 California residents are now infected with the H1N1 virus. Of those nearly 8,000 have been hospitalized due to infection. And as peak flu season quickly approaches, officials expect these numbers to grow.

Blacks and Hispanics Still the Biggest Losers in Health Care Reform Bill Gut

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Dec 28, 2009

Blacks and Hispanics have the most to gain from real reform. They make up more than half of Americas uninsured. And they will be the big losers in a failed reform effort.

Latinos, Health Reform and Dogs

Latino Policy eNewsletter, Commentary, Angelo Falcn, Dec 26, 2009

The most emblematic event of 2009 was the death of Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Gidget represented a time when the corporate sector still used stereotypes to sell to the American people, and her death made me think of 2009 as the Year of "Yo Quiero . . ."

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