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Hurricane Katrina

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katrina waters

What Water Can Do -- Remembering My New Orleans Home, Lost for Now

New America Media, Commentary, Sarah M. Broom, Aug 31, 2006

A woman born and raised in New Orleans is caught between remembering and willfully forgetting all the storm did to scatter her family and destroy her childhood home.


Planning for the Next Disaster

New America Media, Commentary, Janet Murga, Aug 30, 2006

Hurricane Katrina didnt discriminate; when the next calamity comes we must make sure everyone is protected. Otherwise, no one is safe. Traduccin al espaol


Katrina's Lessons, Pt. 4 -- Hurricane Swept Away Bush's Efforts To Woo Blacks to GOP

New America Media, Commentary/Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Aug 30, 2006

President Bush and the Republican Party have more to rebuild than just New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the writer says.

darneice williams

Mississippi Still Struggles a Year after Hurricane Katrina

StraightWords E-Zine, News, Richard Muhammad, Aug 26, 2006

Suffering from housing, health, racial and economic pressures, Mississipi residents struggle to get the attention of New Orleans-focused relief efforts.

spike lee

Spike Gets It Right in 'Levees,' Says New Orleans Resident

New America Media, Commentary, Randy Fertel, Aug 23, 2006

Spike Lee's 4.5-hour documentary on New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina is a mesmerizing, evenhanded and a loving tribute to the city and its residents.


Ethnic Media Share Survival Stories One Year After Katrina

New America Media, News Report, Donal Brown, Aug 23, 2006

Upon the one year anniversary of the devastating hurricane Katrina, ethnic media in New Orleans share their survival stories, and continue to play a critical role in the citys reconstruction.


Katrinas OneYear Anniversary Yields Harsh Retrospective

New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah, Aug 23, 2006

As real people suffer in Katrina's wake, some see the rebuilding effort as a major indicator of how successful the U.S. will be in establishing a strong and vibrant multi-cultural society.


One Year Later Katrina Didn't Close the Racial Divide

New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Aug 22, 2006

Race continues to shadow the Katrina debacle a year after the storm hit New Orleans, but the pain and suffering it unleashed should have brought people together in an on-going spirit of compassion and giving, not racial rancor and finger pointing.

Spike Lee Discusses 'Levees'

Sacramento Observer, Q & A, Lana K. Wilson-Combs, Aug 22, 2006

The four-part series of When the Levees Broke reveals startling information about the events leading up to Hurricane Katrina. It also features interviews with many of the survivors, as well as noted celebrities and politicians.

mayor nagin

A Testy Mayor Nagin Tells Black Journalists No Ones Covering His City

Black America Web.com, News Report, Jackie Jones, Aug 21, 2006

At the National Association of Black Journalists convention in Indianapolis last Friday Mayor Nagin of New Orleans addressed a myriad of topics almost a year after Katrina laid waste to his city.

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