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Diversity of Journalism for a Multicultural Society

New America Media, Interview, Andrew Lam, Jul 21, 2009

A new study of journalismís commitment to inclusion concludes that too many diversity initiatives focus on the modest and mostly inconsequential goal of newsroom integration. Study co-author Theodore Glasser talks to NAM's Andrew Lam.

Western Media Misread Iran Elections

New America Media, News Analysis, Video, Jalal Ghazi, Jun 17, 2009

Reports on the Iranian elections by Western media have been misleading. They portray the election battle as a struggle between conservative Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and moderate Mir Hussein Moussavi. The election battle is actually a struggle over power and money, not democracy.

Sam Richard

Newspaper Jobs Arenít Dead

ColorLines, News feature, Cindy Von Quednow, Jun 17, 2009

After leaving the newspaper industry for health reasons, Sam Richard broke back into the journalism world as the managing editor of L.A. Watts Times, the leading Black print newspaper in LA.

Digital D-Day on the Border

Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Staff, Jun 12, 2009

As the United States went from analog to digital television transmissions, many Mexican viewers whoíve long watched broadcasts from just across the border lost access to their favorite programs.

Ayatollah Khamenei

Act One of a More Revolutionary Republic in Iran?, commentary, Azamin, Jun 12, 2009

Iranís ongoing presidential campaign has unleashed a level of political excitement and engagement that has been seldom seen in the country since the days of the 1979 revolution.

ethnic media

Ethnic Media Reaching Record Numbers in U.S., News feature, Jeffrey Allen, Jun 08, 2009

Nearly 60 million Americans now regularly get information from ethnically oriented TV, radio, newspapers, and Web sites, many of which are published or broadcast in languages other than English -- and that number is on the rise.

Richard Rodriguez: The Death of the SF Chronicle

New America Media, Audio, Jun 06, 2009

Essayist Richard Rodriguez discusses the future of media as newspapers around the country struggle to survive. What does it say about a city when it no longer has its chronicle?

The State of Ethnic Media

ColorLines, News Report, Cindy Von Quednow, Jun 02, 2009

As the recession persists and mainstream newspapers close, ethnic media outlets face a different reality.

Young Journalists Move Beyond the Printed Page

New America Media, Commentary, Russell Morse, May 29, 2009

A young writer who always dreamed of being a newspaperman finds himself in an industry in which the jobs are disappearing and the rules are changing.

La Prensa San Diego Honored

La Prensa San Diego, Editorial, Staff, May 29, 2009

La Prensa San Diego, which recently received a Small Business of the Year Award, has been a voice for the Hispanic community for 33 years.

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