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Editor's Favorites

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LaidOff Campers See Sunny Side in Downturn

New America Media , News Feature//Video , Words: Rupa Dev//Video: Paul Billingsely, Mar 11, 2009

The economy is down and job competitiveness is steep, but attendees of LaidOffCamp San Francisco viewed unemployment as an opportunity, not a tragedy.

NY Dominicans Love/Hate A-Rod -- DR Dusted in WBC

New America Media, News Report, Words//Photos: Russell Morse, Mar 11, 2009

The Alex Rodriguez-less Dominican Republic was shockingly eliminated from the World Baseball Classic (WBC) yesterday. Young Dominicans in NY have mixed feelings about the complicated -- steroid scandal plagued -- Yankee's star.

We Cant Afford the Death Penalty

New America Media, Commentary, Lance Lindsey, Mar 04, 2009

The outrageous price that taxpayers bear in order to kill a handful of prisoners has been thrown into sharp relief, writes the commentator.

Helicopters, Cover-ups and War Crimes

New America Media, News Analysis, Jeffrey Klein and Paolo Pontoniere; Photo D.B. King, Feb 20, 2009

President Obama should investigate officials involved in an $11 billion contract the Bush administration awarded an Italian company to build 28 presidential helicopters. The contract is believed to be a payoff for Italy's role in fabricating the "yellowcake" evidence that led to the invasion of Iraq.


Can Obama Give Americas Soul a Stimulus?

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Feb 18, 2009

A stimulus package might hope to revive the economy. But what could resuscitate America's ailing soul? Could Barack Obama become the nation's healer-in-chief and restore America's social capital?

Drop Dead

Cheap Cleaning Products, Toxic Homes

New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen, Feb 16, 2009

Ordinary cleaning products often contain potential toxins and chemicals that trigger asthma and pose other health risks.

General Thi Lam

Setting the Record Straight on South Vietnam

New America Media, Commentary, Lam Quang Thi, as told to Andrew Lam, Feb 11, 2009

Born in the Mekong Delta in 1932 to a wealthy land-owning family, Thi Quang Lam spent 25 years in the army and rose to the rank of lieutenant general in the South Vietnamese army by the time the Vietnam war ended. He talked to his son, Andrew Lam, an editor with New America Media.

Golden Girls Behind Bars

New America Media, News Feature, Viji Sundaram, Video Cliff Parker, Feb 09, 2009

Last month, prisoner Number W 41465 passed away, her greatest wish unfulfilled: to die a free person. Eighty-eight years old, nearly blind and deaf, her mind enfeebled by Alzheimers and in the terminal stages of kidney failure, Helen Loheac was "a tiny old woman who just wanted to be released.


Confucius Says, 'Be Frugal,' But the Global Slump Says, 'Spend'

New America Media, Commentary, Rong Xiaoqing, Feb 07, 2009

Chinese people, generally not known for their free spending, need to open up their wallets for China and the rest of the world to turn the global economic crisis around.

Gen Y's Jobless Aren't Crying in Their Martinis, They're Networking Online

New America Media, News Report, Rupa Dev, Feb 05, 2009

Laid-off young people are using social media and online communities to connect and help each other as the economy crumbles around them.

News > Editor's Favorites > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 9 > 10 > 11