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Original NAM and ethnic media coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election.
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Madame First Lady, Michelle Obama

Philadelphia Tribune, News Report, Larry Miller, Nov 06, 2008

There’s little doubt that the woman who will become America’s first African-American First Lady has captured the attention of the nation.

A California Embarrassment

La Opinión, Editorial, Staff, Nov 06, 2008

An editorial in Spanish-language daily La Opinión calls the approval of Proposition 8 a dark mark on the democracy of California.

The Significance of Obama's Victory for African Americans

Black America Web.com, News Analysis, Jackie Jones, Nov 06, 2008

In the afterglow of Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential sweepstakes Tuesday night, perhaps the biggest winner was the black community.

It's No Surprise Blacks Backed Gay Marriage Ban

New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Nov 06, 2008

The painful truth is that Proposition 8 would have gone down to flaming defeat if blacks hadn’t backed it in droves.

Korea Welcomes Obama as New Partner in Old Alliance

New America Media, News Analysis, Peter Schurmann and Aruna Lee, Nov 06, 2008

Koreans say they are envious that America embraced diversity and elected Sen. Barack Obama as president, even as President Lee Myung-bak is eager to reach out to him. An alliance with Washington is a cornerstone of Lee's foreign and domestic policy.

Latino Vote Decisive

La Opinión, Nov 06, 2008

Nearly 10 million Latino voters, out of the estimated 12 million who are registered, cast their vote on Tuesday.

Young Voters' Victories Don't End at Ballot Box

New America Media, Commentary, Video, By Raj Jayadev // Videos: Angel Luna and Moses Aviles // Photos: G. Melesaine // Art: Adrian Avila and Tiburon, Nov 06, 2008

An Obama presidency has changed the calculus of whether or not it is worth the risk to fight for change.

Civil Rights Leaders' Wish List of Issues for New President

NNPA, News Report, Hazel Trice Edney, Nov 05, 2008

Judicial appointments, voting rights, international relations and education are among other issues on a wish list for African-Americans and civil rights advocates.

President Obama Can't Save Kenya

New America Media, Commentary, Edwin Okong’o, Nov 05, 2008

Millions of Kenyans will be waiting for President Obama to fix the Kenyan economy. But only Kenyans can help Kenya get out of poverty, writes the commentator.


We're Ready for Change

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentaries, Various Authors, Nov 05, 2008

After two years of campaigning on hope and change, Barack Obama was elected president. Now, young people speak out about the change they really want.

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