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Civil Liberties

NAM original coverage, youth media stories, and ethnic media articles on civil liberties and rights. For more information on NAM civil liberties coverage, contact Sandip Roy at sroy [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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Police Brutality San Jose

San Jose Police Beating Stirs Distrust and Resentment

New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Oct 29, 2009

The Phuong Ho video has elicited such outrage in San Jose, Ca., because it comes on the heels of a sequence of various public revelations of police abuse, and a matching series of failures by city leadership to respond to the demands for transparency and accountability that have spanned ethnic communities.

California Sikh Dagger Bill Vetoed by Schwarzenegger

India West, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji, Oct 23, 2009

Sikhs traditionally carry a kirpan or a small ceremonial dagger which has led to harassment by law enforcement say some. Now a bill to provide law enforcement training about kirpans has been vetoed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A Tribute to Filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman

New America Media, Audio, Sandip Roy, Oct 17, 2009

Back alley abortions, voting irregularities, a woman with a spinal chord injury. These are some of the topics of films by Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning director Dorothy Fadiman. She is receiving a special tribute on Monday, October 19th at the United Nations Association Film Festival.

New America Now: Hopi v Enviro Activists, Filmmaker Honored & The Children of Argentina's Dirty Wars

New America Media, Audio, Oct 16, 2009

Children of Mexican immigrants don't access free health care, Hopi Tribe bans environmental groups, and the movie "Power Paths" explains the back story on that. Director Dorothy Fadiman is honored for a lifetime of filmmaking,and the children of the missing from Argentina's 'Dirty War' tell their stories in a new film, "Awakening the Sorrow".

Ms. S small

Workers Victory Fuels Domestic Labor Movement

New America Media, News Report, Laura Goode, Video, Josue Rojas, Oct 15, 2009

A domestic worker recently settled a lawsuit against her employers for labor abuses. Her victory bolsters a growing domestic labor movement.

Derrion Albert and the Need for Change

New America Now, Audio, Sandip Roy, Oct 14, 2009

Earl Ofari Hutchinson discusses the causes of youth violence and the political response to the killing of teen Derrion Albert.

Katrina rebuild

Discriminatory Housing Lockouts Amid Post-Katrina Rebuilding

Colorlines, News feature, Jordan Flaherty, Oct 14, 2009

Since September of 2006, St. Bernard Parish has been aggressive in passing racially discriminatory laws and ordinances.

deaf prisoners

The Secret World of Deaf Prisoners

The Crime Report, Commentary, James Ridgeway, Oct 14, 2009

A journalist investigates the secret world of deaf prisoners, and the ordeal they face when they fall into the criminal justice system.

california cuts

California's Budget Cuts Hurt Those on Disability the Most

New America Media, Commentary, Richard Babcock, Oct 06, 2009

To people living on disability, supplemental security income (SSI), the California budget cuts has become an issue of survival.

Iran US

New America Now: Iran-U.S. Talks, Filipino Family Roles, Agent Orange in Guam

New America Now, Audio, Oct 02, 2009

This week: Dilshad Deyani hosts a radio show on issues facing South Asian Women, Pharaoh Martin on African American grandparents raising grandchildren, Iran and the US prepare diplomatic talks, Filipino family roles are changing, the effects of Agent Orange in Guam, and the music of Watcha Clan.

News > Civil Liberties > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 9 > 10 > 11