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Hurricane Katrina

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Katrina's Lessons, Pt. 2 -- Would FEMA Bungle Another Disaster?

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Aug 14, 2006

A year after Hurricane Katrina, the writer looks at the changes made to the federal disaster-management agency, and whether they would make a difference today.

katrina boat

Katrina Lessons One Year Later: Talk About Katrina Poverty Was Just That, Talk

New America Media, New Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Aug 08, 2006

One year after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, the talk about a war on poverty turned out to be just that, talk. Theres no reason to think that will change.


America Is Unprepared For Natural Disasters

The Final Call, News Report, Saeed Shabazz, Jul 07, 2006

A recent study by the Red Cross found that almost half of New York Citys population was not prepared for a natural disaster or terrorist attack.


HUD To Demolish 5,000 Low Income Housing Units in New Orleans

San Francisco Bay View, News Report, Bill Quigley, Jun 28, 2006

HUDs demolition plans leave thousands of families with no hope of returning to New Orleans. Public housing was occupied mostly by working women and their children as well as the elderly and disabled.

steps to nowhere

'State of Perdition' -- South American Laborers Describe Working in New Orleans

New America Media, Youth News Feature, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Jun 27, 2006

Two workers rebuilding New Orleans describe the long hours and lack of job security of contract labor -- conditions familiar to one young California reporter.

hurricane katrina

Bay Area Teens Help Rebuild New Orleans

J - The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, News Report, Alexandra J. Wall, Jun 26, 2006

Bay Area teens who wanted to help out in rebuilding New Orleans, but being under 18, didn't know how got a chance to do that thanks to a trip spearheaded by the Bureau of Jewish Education.

teddy bear

In New Orleans, Black and Brown Rebuild Lives Together

New America Media, Youth News Feature, Adrian Avila, Jun 14, 2006

A young writer travels to New Orleans and finds unity and respect among Latinos and African Americans.

Nagin Re-Elected, but New Orleans Faces Serious Problems

San Francisco Bay View and NNPA, News Report, CC Campbell-Rock and Hazel Trice Edney, May 31, 2006

Nagin won 80 percent of black votes and about 20 percent of white votes, according to GCR Associates, an urban planning and campaign analyst group of New Orleans. His opponent Landrieu won roughly the same percentages in reverse.

By Keeping Nagin in Office, Big Easy Blacks Were Making a Larger Statement

Black America Web.com, Commentary, Deborah Mathis, May 22, 2006

African Americans in New Orleans chose to re-elect Ray Nagin although many lay part of the blame for the slow relief response after Hurricane Katrina on his office.

jail keys

Treated Like Trash: New Katrina Report Reveals Dickensian Abuse of Incarcerated Youth

New America Media, News Report, Cheryl Brown and Donal Brown, May 09, 2006

A damning new report details the ordeal of incarcerated youth during Hurricane Katrina, including being shackled and left in the rising waters in their cells.

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