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Edu: School Matters

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SCHOOL MATTERS: Statewide Movement for College Prep Classes

New America Media, News Report, Christine Senteno, May 09, 2007

No longer for small groups of students, college prep classes for all students are in high demand. What began as a local movement has now gained statewide momentum. Traduccin al espaol

black student hand

SCHOOL MATTERS: African Americans Lose Faith in Public Education

New America Media, News Report, Carolyn Goossen, May 04, 2007

Among the findings of a statewide survey of Californian's thoughts on the state's public education system, is the fact that African Americans are steadily losing faith in the system, while Latinos remain optimistic.

preschool crowd

SCHOOL MATTERS: Texas Lesson Educators Embrace Bilingualism

New America Media, Commentary, Bruce Fuller, May 01, 2007

As Washington lawmakers debate the revision of the federal No Child Left Behind policy, California could stand to take some notes from tough-talking Texas.


SCHOOL MATTERS: Report Flunks Kids + Cops

New America Media, Commentary, Liz Sullivan, Apr 10, 2007

A report studying the increasing use of aggressive disciplinary measures, like the use of police in public schools, has found that African American and Latino students are disproportionately affected and targeted.

SCHOOL MATTERS: Will Community Colleges Save California?

New America Media, Commentary, Rubn Lizardo, Mar 25, 2007

A majority of California's ethnic minority students will fill the labor shortages the state will face in the near future. A new report finds that most of these students attend community colleges. But if the state doesn't begin to pay closer attention to this valuable institution, students and California's labor market are in for a shock.


Supreme Court Should Go Back to School

New America Media, Commentary, Donal Brown, Mar 23, 2007

The Supreme Court is reviewing the case of Morse v. Frederick this week and their decision will have serious implications for freedom of expression in high schools across the country.

Hmong Kids - small

SCHOOL MATTERS: Not All Asians Are at the Top of Their Class

New America Media, News Feature, Carolyn Goossen, Feb 20, 2007

The myth that all Asians excel academically has created a data gap that excludes several Southeast Asian communities, such as the Hmong and Laotian. Now a bill in the State Assembly wants to make sure they are not lost in the 'other Asian' box.


SCHOOL MATTERS - Future of Gang-Banging Found on Today's Playgrounds

New America Media, Commentary, David Madrid, Feb 08, 2007

The gang mentality is being emulated by younger and younger kids, according to a youth counselor in San Jose, Calif. San Jose's future gang problem lies with elementary and junior high aged youth who are immersed in gang idealism.


NY Councilman Warns of Fenty School Takeover

Washington Afro American, News Feature, Valencia Mohammed, Feb 08, 2007

Why should Washington, D.C. use the failing New York public school system as its model? One New York councilman encouraged the residents of the nation's capitol to resist plans to allow D.C.'s new mayor to takeover the city's schools.

Mexico education

U.S. Schools Benefit from Mexican Largesse

New America Media, News Analysis, Louis E. V. Nevaer, Feb 07, 2007

The United States has the fastest-growing Spanish-speaking population in the world and Mexico is helping by donating Spanish textbooks. While Americans may fret that Johnny cant read, Mexico wants to make sure that Juanito pueda leer.

News > Edu: School Matters > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 9