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NAM in Washington

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falling for grace

Acting in Movies While Asian

Asian Fortune, News Feature, Rita M. Gerona-Adkins , Sep 08, 2007

Family may be a universal theme but, in the film world, the money flows to the conventional. The courage to embark on making even a romantic comedy can tested if the lead character is an Asian female. After eight years of production, 'Falling for Grace' arrives in full bloom.

jena six

Bloggers Put Jena Six Case on Blast

Baltimore Afro American, News Digest, Afro staff, Sep 07, 2007

Though "mainstream" media may not be highlighting the Jena Six story, African American youth are hitting their blogs to raise the public visibility about the case.

africom gen. ward -

AFRICOM: Wrong for Liberia, Disastrous for Africa

Foreign Policy In Focus, News Analysis, Ezekiel Pajibo and Emira Woods, Sep 06, 2007

Liberia's relationship with the United States is unique, but colored by America's interest in using that country as a foothold in Africa. AFRICOM, though being welcomed by Liberia's new president, is raising concerns among critics of U.S. empire building.


Where Did the Katrina Money Go?

Institute for Southern Studies, News Feature, Jeffrey Buchanan and Chris Kromm, Sep 05, 2007

Now that the two-year anniversary of Katrina has passed and the media turn toward other events, the question still remains, why have most hurricane rebuilding funds yet to be spent, much less reached those in need -- and exactly where and how was $116 billion spent?

holmes norton

Filibuster Could Derail D.C. Voting Rights Bill

Washington Informer, NNPA Commentary, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, (D-D.C.), Sep 05, 2007

In order to prevent African Americans in Washington from gaining a vote in Congress, every citizen in Washington, D.C. was denied that right. Constitutional claims aside, the real opposition to the D.C. vote was rooted in race.

king tut

King Tut Not Black Enough, Protesters Say

Black News Journal, News Feature, Marilyn Kai Jewett, Aug 28, 2007

The protest over a Philadelphia museum's characterizations of King Tut go to the heart of the longstanding myth that Egypt and its people are in some way not African, despite their geographical and geneological reality.

malcolm x

It's Not the Sixties Anymore

Black Commentator, Commentary, Larry Pinkney , Aug 27, 2007

One writer responds to an assessment of the 1960s by a group of African-American youth who are clearly divided in their opinion of the issues that face America today.

newark mayor

Newark Killings: Shame On Us

Black Star News, Commentary, Colin Benjamin , Aug 25, 2007

One writer sees the recent killings of three teenagers in Newark as a result of a collective social failure that transcends the responsibility of any city's elected officials.

loving interracial family

How Lovings Trounced Virginia's Miscegenation Laws 40 Years Ago

Asian Fortune, News Feature, Rita M. Gerona-Adkins , Aug 25, 2007

Editor's note: On the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court Loving v. Virginia decision, which upheld the constitutional right of inter-racial marriage, Asian Americans in Arlington, Va. gathered to celebrate the landmark case.

lucy skeleton

Famous Ethiopian Fossil Shrouded in U.S. Controversy

Washington Afro-American, News Feature, Valencia Mohammed, Aug 25, 2007

The English-speaking world knows her as Lucy, a homonid found in Ethiopia 33 years ago. Dinkinesh is her Amharic name. Her distant, modern-day Ethiopian and African relatives are among the harshest critics of Dinkinesh's proposed tour that starts in Houston this year.

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