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The Americas

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Mexican Army Implicated in Latest Juarez Murder

New America Media, News Report, Jos Luis Sierra, Apr 15, 2009

Witnesses say the Mexican military is responsible for the torture and murder of a 21-year-old man who was arrested last Tuesday and found dead on Friday in a deserted area south of Juarez.

A City Under Siege

New America Media, News Report, Jos Luis Sierra, Apr 13, 2009

Even with continuous patrolling by military and federal police in Juarez, some sectors of the population dont feel safe. Many claim that the police and the military are the worst offenders.

Justice in Peru

El Diario/La Prensa, Editorial, Staff, Apr 08, 2009

Former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori was sentenced to 25 years for "crimes against humanity," including 25 murders and two kidnappings, for authorizing a government death squad during the Shining Path insurgency.

MX military

Calderons Drug War Fails to Keep Civilians Safe

New America Media, News Analysis, NAM contributor, Apr 07, 2009

Pres. Felipe Calderons war against drug cartels has increased incidents of violence against civilians and failed to keep them safe.

Dangerous Spring Break?

El Mensajero, Video, News Report, By Francisco Barradas, Translated by Suzanne Manneh // Video: Amanda Martinez, Apr 05, 2009

Since the State Department issued a travel alert about the increased violence in Mexico, U.S. media have discouraged Americans from going there.Traduccin al espaol

Border Militarization Deepens

Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Staff, Mar 19, 2009

By putting men in uniform in charge of the law in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, Felipe Calderon is embarking on a high-stakes gamble that the public security crisis can be calmed with an iron fist.


Conditions in Haiti Merit TPS for Haitians

Haitian Times, Commentary, France Francois, Mar 18, 2009

More than 30,000 Haitians face deportation to a country crippled by back-to-back hurricanes, a food shortage, and widespread threats of disease.

Ciudad Juarez Militarized

Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Staff, Mar 17, 2009

In an operation reminiscent of the U.S. military surge in Iraq two years ago, thousands of Mexican soldiers and federal police are swarming the streets of Ciudad Juarez.

Americans in Mexico

Finding the American Dream - In Mexico

New America Media, News feature, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Mar 17, 2009

At some point last fall, the one millionth American established residency here in Mexico. That makes Mexico the host nation for the largest American expatriate community in the world. There are now more Americans living in Mexico than there are in the U.K. or Canada.

Maurico Funes FMLN

Media War Heats Up El Salvador's Presidential Election

New America Media, News analysis , Roberto Lovato, Mar 14, 2009

Once engaged in a guerilla war against the Salvadoran military, the FMLN is now fighting a war of words against big financial interests represented by the right wing ARENA party and powerful media outlets.

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