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NAM in the News

NAM as an advocate of ethnic and youth media often receives news coverage on its activities, including its annual Awards Banquet honoring ethnic media and its multilingual polling initiative. Formerly known as New California Media, much of the coverage of NAM you will read here refers to NCM.

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Johnny Neihu's NewsWatch: Quality news and distorted views

Taipei Times, Commentary, Johnny Neihu, May 31, 2006

An ethnic media commentator takes issue with George Koo's New America Media article, "US snubs Taiwan's Chen, looks ahead to successor," of May 11, 2006.

Factual: A World in Your Ear

BBC Radio 4, Audio, Rosie Goldsmith, May 30, 2006

This radio roundup's May 27 edition gives commentary on elderly life, including a reading from New America Media writer Andrew Lam on his family's expression of emotion through karaoke, as originally appeared on Up Front Radio.

A tough border bill, with a heart

Los Angeles Times, News Report, Tamar Jacoby, Apr 13, 2006

A recent survey of illegal immigrants conducted by pollster Sergio Bendixen suggests that they would do almost anything to earn legal status. And according to Bendixen, many told him in interviews that they would go back briefly to their home countries if their return to the U.S. was guaranteed. As for the logistics of processing, would the naysayers object to any other law enforcement initiative or security measure for reasons of administrative difficulty? Surely not.

Immigrants speak out on immigrants

Herald News (NJ), News Report, Maria Elena Salinas, Apr 11, 2006

One of the strongest arguments we hear against a guest-worker program is that undocumented workers take jobs away from Americans and legal residents. But the Bendixen poll showed that 81 percent believe that statement is not true. What's more, 73 percent believe that undocumented immigrants actually help the economy by providing low-cost labor.

America's Divide

Newsweek, News Report, Arian Campo-Flores, Apr 10, 2006

In states like Arizona, significant numbers of Latinos have backed measures that curbed illegals' access to social services. But now, some of the more ambivalent Latinos may be rallying behind the undocumented in the face of what they consider excessive--and possibly racist--immigrant-bashing. A more recent poll of legal immigrants by Bendixen & Associates found that 76 percent of Latin American respondents believed that anti-immigrant sentiment was growing and 62 percent said it affected them and their families.

'Transnational citizens' show power

Miami Herald, Editorial, Andres Oppenheimer, Apr 05, 2006

A new nationwide poll of legal immigrants released last week by Bendixen and Associates for New American Media confirms the changing profile of U.S. Hispanics.

Illegal immigrants crave US citizenship, poll shows

Agence France Presse, News Brief, Staff Writer, Apr 04, 2006

Ninety-eight percent of the 12 million undocumented workers in the United States would apply for legal residency if Congress passed a law allowing it, according to a poll out Tuesday.

Immigration fight unites Latinos

The International Herald Tribune, News Report, Brian Knowlton, Apr 03, 2006

A new survey by Bendixen Associates of Miami found that on immigration issues, ''there seems to be a consensus position among all Latin American ethnicities,'' said Fernand Amandi, Bendixen's executive vice president.

Poll: Legal Immigrants Don't Back Crackdown

NPR, Radio Report, Apr 01, 2006

NPR Weekend Edition Saturday: A first-ever poll of legal immigrants in the United States finds little support for a crackdown on illegal immigrants. Sergio Bendixen tells Scott Simon about his poll, sponsored by an association of ethnic news organizations.

Poll Rebuffs Cutting In Line Argument

Eastern Group Publications, News Report, Gloria Alvarez, Apr 01, 2006

With the recent national protests against measures to criminalize undocumented immigrants in the country as the backdrop for their announcement, an ethnic media group this week released results from a national poll examining attitudes of legal immigrants to their illegal counterparts.

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