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NAM original coverage, youth media stories and ethnic media articles on science and technology. For more information, contact Sandip Roy at sroy [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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Technology Widens Rich-Poor Gap

Black Star News, Commentary, Philip Emeagwali , Oct 19, 2007

One of mankind's most forward-thinking analysts drives home the point that natural resources alone do not dictate the ultimate accumulation of wealth among the world's family of countries.


Life on the Cyberplanet

NAM, News Analysis, Walt Truett Anderson, Oct 18, 2007

The age of global bio-information system has arrived, and it is changing the way the world works. From tiny transmitters glued into the skin of seals and tagged onto migrating albatrosses, for example, scientists measure the shifting ocean temperatures that affect global weather systems.


Dad Puts Sputnik Fears to Bed

New America Media, Commentary, Mary Jo McConahay, Oct 04, 2007

In the end I wasn't among those who thought the Reds were going to beat us up from outer space. My dad worked in the aerospace industry, and 50 years ago this month, when the USSR's first Sputnik appeared in the night skies, he promised me he wouldn't let it happen.

Roh large

Despite Nuclear Breakthrough, South Koreans Skeptical Over Closer Ties

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann and Aruna Lee, Oct 03, 2007

North Koreas decision to dismantle its nuclear facilities under U.S. guidance a move that essentially removes the country from its status as part of the so-called axis of evil followed another historic breakthrough: the South Korean presidents recent trip to North Korea.


GeoSlavery: Big Brother Enters the Workplace

Black Star News, Commentary, Nayo Joy Simmons, Sep 12, 2007

Biometrics devices are here and becoming ever more common. Personal information and confidentiality appear to be among the first casualties as New York, for example, embraces a brave new world -- but not without dissent.

little baby

No Girls Please, We're Indian

New America Media, News Feature, Mandy Oaklander, Sep 10, 2007

Clinics offering sex selection technology are reaching out to ethnic communities through their media. But as some Indian-American media are finding out, running the ads might send a mixed message to their readers when India has one of most skewed sex ratios in the world.


End of an Epoch: Nature Becomes Us

NAM, News Analysis, Walter Truett Anderson, Sep 06, 2007

We are now entering the Anthropocene era, one in which there's no separation between human activities and what we used to call nature. NAM contributor Walt Anderson is the author of, most recently, "The Next Enlightenment: Integrating East and West in a New Vision of Human Evolution."

Frontrunners Fumble YouTube Debate

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentary, Eming Piansay, Jul 25, 2007

The also-rans in the YouTube/CNN debate made a positive impression on the commentator. Obama, Clinton and Edwards practiced play-it-safe politics.

New Bill Seeks Universal Healthcare

Final Call, News Report, Askia Muhammad, Jul 08, 2007

A new bill, timed with the premier of Michael Moore's new film SICKO in Washington D.C., would offer Americans comprehensive health care.

Ice ICE Raids Baby

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Audio, Russell Morse and Neelanjana Banerjee, Jun 27, 2007

This week on YO!Radio -- urban youth workers have a stressful job, teen inmates suffer abuse in Texas prisons and the undocumented organize childcare in case of orphan creating ICE raids.

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