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Korea flag

Korean Activist Warned Detained Reporters Not to Cross Border

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann & Aruna Lee, Mar 26, 2009

A South Korean activist who had been in regular contact with the two Current TV journalists until they were detained by North Koreans claims he warned them against taking undue risks.

Obama White House

Dear White House - Questions From Ethnic Media

New America Media, NAM Editorial Staff, Mar 26, 2009

The White House has asked Americans to submit a question for the administration. Today the White House will answer some of those questions. Ethnic media editors and journalists weighed in with their top question.

Manuel Ortiz

Northern California Celebrates Ethnic Media Award Winners

New America Media, News Report, Text: Carmen Ng// Photographs: Som Sharma and Kevin Chan, Mar 24, 2009

The winners of the Northern California ethnic media awards are a cross section of the strengths of ethnic media - from showcasing a community to being advocates for it.

charles ding sm

Journalism Highlighting Inter-ethnic Relations Honored at NAM Awards in L.A.

New America Media, News Report, Jun Wang, Mar 17, 2009

Journalism highlighting inter-ethnic relations was honored at a NAM regional ethnic media awards celebration in Los Angeles.

Hispanic Media in Central California Fight to Survive

El Sol, News Report, Eduardo Stanley, Translated by Elena Shore, Mar 17, 2009

In the San Joaquin Valley, the economic crisis is hitting those who have the least and need the most information, writes El Sol editor Eduardo Stanley. Hispanic publications and even radio stations here are struggling to survive.

Digital TV Bypassing Skid Row

New America Media, News report, Leslie Casimir, Mar 16, 2009

The federal government may have delayed the massive digital television conversion to June 12, but thousands of poor residents say they may still be left in the dark.

Maurico Funes FMLN

Media War Heats Up El Salvador's Presidential Election

New America Media, News analysis , Roberto Lovato, Mar 14, 2009

Once engaged in a guerilla war against the Salvadoran military, the FMLN is now fighting a war of words against big financial interests represented by the right wing ARENA party and powerful media outlets.

Native Newspaper Publisher Launches New Publication

Reznet, Commentary , Tim Giago , Mar 12, 2009

Former Native Newspaper Publisher Tim Giano plans an April 1 launch of the Native Sun News, a newspaper that will cover the nine Indian reservations in South Dakota.

Briefing Obama

White House Welcomes Ethnic Press: Is it Enough?

New America Media, News report, Cristina Fernandez-Pereda, Mar 11, 2009

The Obama Administration has been maintaining an 'open door' policy with a few ethnic media. However, these outlets still struggle to cover the White House and gain its attention.

A Paper Mill Dies and a Michigan Town Struggles

New America Media, News Report, Slideshow, Benjamin Jarosch, Mar 07, 2009

Residents of this Northern Michigan company town remain anxious about their future after the main employer, Smurfit- Stone Container Corporation, filed for bankruptcy.

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