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Immigration Matters

Immigrant rights advocates sound off on immigration policy issues.

For more information on NAM immigration coverage, contact Sandip Roy at sroy [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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ICEs Deadly Care

New America Media, Commentary, Andrea Black and Paromita Shah, Sep 06, 2007

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is one of the largest jailers, second only to the Bureau of Prisons, but sorely lacks independent oversight or enforceable standards.

Elvira Arellano Protests From Mexico

NAM, News Feature, Roberto Lovato, Peter Micek, Aug 21, 2007

Elvira Arellano was just deported to Mexico after taking refuge in a church for a year. Arellano spoke exclusively with NAM editor Roberto Lovato from a restaurant in Tijuana. Spanish-language media depict the indignation at her arrest in Los Angeles, NAM Spanish media monitor Peter Micek reports.


Criminalizing Immigrants Makes Them Easier to Deport

New America Media, Commentary, Paromita Shah, Aug 10, 2007

The current spate of immigration raids and harsh ordinances did not come out of the blue. By turning more immigrants into criminals, immigration authorities can deport them more easily.

Burj Dubai tower

The Tower that Slaves Built

Muslim Observer, Commentary, Rafia Zakaria, Aug 05, 2007

Drawing from a Human Rights Watch Report, the author adeptly carves out the heart of the issue -- whether the oppressive labor conditions used by companies in 'Muslim' countries are in sync with the tenets of with Islam.

Family-Based Immigration Made My American Dream

New America Media, Commentary, Limay Ho, Aug 02, 2007

If immigration reform dismantles the family-based immigration system, it will have a devastating effect on many immigrant families. Whats needed, advocates say, are stories of successful Americans who wouldnt be here were it not for family-based immigration.


The Poor Stay Poor Due to the Price of Sending Money Home

New America Media, Commentary, Yania Marcelino and Shannah Kurland, Jul 26, 2007

Despite the failure of the U.S. Senate's immigration bill last month, lawmakers and the public will continue to grapple with "comprehensive immigration reform." It is imperative that the national debate shift toward a real discussion of economic security, rather than remain mired in narrow discussions of border security, the writers say.

h-1b nurse

The Case for More High Skilled Worker Visas

New America Media, Commentary, Robert Sakaniwa, Jul 19, 2007

The limit on high skilled H-1B worker visas, and the speed with which it is reached demonstrates that H-1B reform has to be part of comprehensive immigration reform.


Immigration Movement Should Learn from Civil Rights Movement

New America Media, News Analysis + Commentary, Toni Holness and Rich Stolz, Jul 12, 2007

Immigration reform suffered a major defeat in the Senate recently but some immigration rights advocates are looking to the civil rights movement for hope and inspiration.


Extracting Info From ICE

New America Media, News Analysis, Nick Rahaim, Jul 04, 2007

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement have caused confusion in the media. Public information about the raids is hard to come by and accessing names of the disappeared virtually impossible. Here's some advice.

immigration protester

Immigration Reform on The Horizon But at What Cost?

New America Media, Commentary, Deepa Iyer, Jun 28, 2007

The Senate has revived the immigration bill. But some immigration advocates worry that despite the prospect of some amendments that could make the bill more workable, it is moving immigration reform in a direction contrary to what those who marched on the streets last year had hoped for.

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