What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself from Raids

El Pregonero, News Report, Andrea Acosta, Translated by Elena Shore Posted: May 01, 2007

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In light of the series of raids being carried out in the metropolitan area by immigration agents in recent months, the organizations Casa de Maryland (Maryland House) and Detention Watch Network have written a guide to protect immigrants. Among the recommendations, they emphasize the following:

You have the right to remain silent.
Dont lie.
Just say: I need to talk to my lawyer.

Dont give them any information about your immigration status.
Dont give them false documents and dont carry documentation from another country.
Giving them your name or foreign documents could be used to start a deportation process against you.

Dont open the door. Ask them to pass you their warrant under the door.
You have the right to see the warrant. It should include the signature of a judge and the areas of the house they can search.
If the agents enter your house without a warrent, write down their names and identification numbers. Tell them they don't have your consent to enter. Write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses.

Agents have to present a warrant or have the permission of the employer to enter.
Dont run. This could make it look as if you have something to hide.
Remain calm.

If they stop you in the street without a written warrent, they can only arrest you if the agents have evidence that you are not a citizen.
Dont tell them your immigration status or where you were born.
Dont carry false documents or documents from your country.

Write down the name of the agent, agency (FBI, Police Department, ICE), badge and identification number.
Dont sign any document before speaking with your lawyer.
Contact your family, a lawyer, your union and your consulate.
Carry all of these numbers with you. You have the right to make a phone call.
Ask them to pay your bail and give them a copy of your Notice to Appear
(the document that contains immigration charges).
The police have 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays) to charge you before they release you (immigration authorities can have an additional 48 hours). If they dont release you, call your lawyer or community organization.
Carry a piece of paper with you that says, in English: I want to talk to my lawyer.
Make a plan with friends and relatives in case of a raid. Make sure you arrange beforehand who is going to take care of the children and elderly, who is going to pay the bail, deporation costs, and the rent or mortgage.
If you suspect that a relative has been detained, call (202) 305-2734 to locate him or her. They will ask you for the name, date of birth and identification number (it begins with an A and is included on the green card and on your work visa).
Keep your immigration papers, birth certificate and passports in a safe place and make sure a relative knows where they are.

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User Comments

Carl on May 10, 2007 at 06:37:38 said:

Unbelievable is to think that the government is revoking documents granted by them 5, 10 years ago and to people that never caused any problem or harm to this country. It's immoral and disrespectful the way that politicians are dealing with this situation and treating people as they ancestors that BUILT America one day. Yes, as the comment above, lots of people (sic) are anxious to bring the KKK out once again then go to the church right after and swear that they are religious and just making all the nasty action ONLY for they own protection... how sadist, how sad.

Lizzy Fremont on May 07, 2007 at 09:56:03 said:

Unbelievable. Taxpayer money spent to help illegals avoid prosecution. Illegal entry into the country, stolen identities, forged papers, jumping the line in front of law abiding immigrants - all because they "want a better life". That excuse is pointless. Hitler wanted a better life. KKK want a better life. Bank robbers want a better life.




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