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Youth Violence: A sign of society and its leaders

Final Call.com, News Report, Ashahed M. Muhammad Posted: Jan 12, 2009

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan placed the blame for violent youth on a violent society and its political leaders during remarks at an emotional rally attended by parents and high school students at the State of Illinois administration building in downtown Chicago.

Min. Farrakhan said violence currently seen among youth in general and Black youth in particular is a manifestation of a violent American society, whose top military and political leaders allocate more money to development of weapons of war in the desire for military conquest than the development of education for the countrys children.

Min. Farrakhan pointed out that the federal government found money to bail out corporate thieves and robbers but because of misplaced priorities, cant seem to find the money to improve educational systems in American cities.

Spearheaded by longtime anti-violence crusader Father Michael Pfleger of the Faith Community at St. Sabina, approximately 600 parents and high school students came together Dec. 17 to demand that politicians pass legislation to stop the flow of illegal guns throughout the city and surrounding areas and pass common sense gun laws.

Father Pfleger challenged state legislators to get their priorities straight by turning their efforts away from impeachment of Gov. Blagojevich. They said they would meet and work every day on impeachmentwork on strategies for the education and safety of the children of Illinois! he declared.

Pastor Wilfredo DeJesus, of New Life Covenant Church in Chicago, said religious leaders and people of good must act to improve a society in which crime is a sport. Moral values need to be reinstituted, he said.

When moral values are broken down, chaos follows, said Pastor DeJesus. No moral code can exist without God.

Min. Farrakhan comforted the grieving and sometimes crying parents and friends of those killed, saying though each life given by God is considered sacred, he permits deathsometimes even of the innocentto serve a greater purpose.

If those children had not died, would we be here? Min. Farrakhan asked the parents in the audience. Your children did not die in vain. Nothing advances in civilization without the sacrifice of life, said Min. Farrakhan.

They died a violent death that others may have a right to the Tree of Life. They are martyrs for the cause of justice, peace and non-violence.

Members of Purpose Over Pain, an organization comprised of parents who have lost children and loved ones to guns, repeated the call to end the violence. One parent was Pamela Bosley, whose 18-year-old son Terrell was gunned down two-years-ago while unloading instruments just outside the doors of a church.

Ms. Bosley, holding an arrangement of flowers, said instead of giving gifts during Christmas time to her child, she will be laying flowers on his grave.

No parent should be visiting their children at a cemetery on Christmas, said Ms. Bosley, speaking through her tears. Then, talking to the teenagers in the audience Ms. Bosley asked, Will you be next?

Also present was Ronald Holt whose 16-year-old son Blair was killed when gunshots were sprayed into a crowd of passengers on a Chicago Transit Authority bus.

Enoch Muhammad, founder of Hip Hop Detoxx, participated in the rally. He works with Father Pfleger to stop youth violence. Mr. Muhammad said his organization goes after the social and emotional conflicts at the root of much teen violence, providing counseling and other outlets for those involved in the street tribes and drug cliques often found in an endless cycle of retaliatory violence.

Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis shared a few words, asking parents and the community to get involved before crime occurs. The police get involved when everything else fails, said Supt. Weis. The no snitching code also complicates police efforts to locate troublemakers once shootings occur, he said.

Min. Farrakhan said the lust for designer clothes, famous name brand shoes and other items causes many to steal and kill in a society that places high importance on material things. This, however, is just a lower level manifestation of the wicked and deceptive policies of a government that uses violence to extract wealth from other nations, the Minister said.

Concluding his remarks by referring to President-elect Barack Obamas meteoric rise to the top of Americas political system, Min. Farrakhan noted that all of the places Mr. Obama found himself in life shaped and molded him. Likewise, youth today are being shaped by their homes, their parents, their teachers and their leaders, he said. The time is now to take responsibility for improving our communities and ending the senseless violence, the Minister added. All of these shapers need to shape up, said Min. Farrakhan.

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