Why Some Black Leaders 'Hate' President Obama

Wilmington Journal, News Analysis , Cash Michaels Posted: Mar 09, 2009

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s historic address to a joint session of Congress last week, the reaction to his call for American courage in the face of economic uncertainty has been widely hailed.

''Tonight, President Obama set forth a powerful vision for our country and an agenda for change that deserves the support of all Americans,” said Sen. Edward Kennedy (D- Mass).

“President Obama is exactly the kind of leader we need in the face of our nation's significant challenges,” echoed Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

Instant national polls afterward showed well over 65 percent of Americans surveyed viewed the first Black president and his message favorably, with almost that many saying that they trust his leadership in this time of crisis.

And, of course, it’s no secret that ever since he mounted his historic run for the White House two years ago, Obama has ultimately enjoyed the overwhelming support of his natural constituency - the African-American community. Most Blacks see both Obama’s election, and leadership, not only as a tremendous source of pride, but an extraordinary example of excellence and achievement that all African-Americans, especially young people, should follow.

“Children with foreign-sounding names learned that they too can be president of the United States, and the electoral aspiration of almost an entire generation of young American voters was realized,” Benjamin Jealous, president/CEO of the NAACP, said the day after Obama’s historic election last November.

But not every Black leader is as fond or as proud of the new president as the NAACP and the American people are.

In fact, there are a number Black “leaders,” who span the spectrum of religion, politics and gender, who expressed during the presidential campaign, and many who continue to expound today, assessments of President Obama that range from philosophical annoyance, to petty envy, and even, in at least one case, absolute hatred.

Some actively worked to stop Obama’s election, and at least one is feverishly at work trying to legally undo it.

Normally these “leaders” - many, but not all of whom, serve as mouthpieces for right-wing organizations or interests that mightily tried to cripple Obama’s presidential candidacy - are ignored, if not dismissed, not only by the African-American community, but the public at-large.

But given the tremendous challenges Pres. Obama faces on the economic and national security fronts in his still infant administration, if his massive $787 billion stimulus plan fails to produce jobs and recovery, or if the nation is struck once again 9/11-style with a crippling terrorist attack, Obama’s critics, especially in the Black community, will gain instant currency to undermine his leadership, and possibly destroy his presidency.

One need only look at the extraordinary cast of Black characters who are fully invested in creating dire drama for President Obama.

Number one on the list is a former 2008 presidential candidate himself, arch-conservative Alan Keyes.

''Obama is a radical communist, and I think it is becoming clear,” Keyes, who lost to Obama in a contentious 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois, told Nebraska TV station KHAS-TV two weeks ago. “That is what I told people in Illinois and now everybody realizes it's true.''

Then Keyes, who also has at least four failed runs for the White House under his own belt, issued this dire prediction on-camera, ''He is going to destroy this country, and we are either going to stop him or the United States of America is going to cease to exist.''

Keyes, who is party to a lawsuit alleging that President Obama assumed the office illegally because he has not proven to Keyes that he is a natural-born citizen (the state of Hawaii, which has Obama’s original 1961 birth certificate locked away, confirms the president’s citizenship), alleges even further constitutional calamity for the nation.

''I'm not sure he's even president of the United States,'' Keyes, who refuses to address Obama as “president” continued, ''and neither are many of our military people...who are now going to court to ask the question, 'Do we have to obey a man who is not qualified under the constitution?”

Apparently the TV reporter off-camera openly displayed mocking disbelief of Keyes’ pointed charges, causing the Black conservative to say, “We are in the midst of the greatest crisis this nation has ever seen, and if we don't stop laughing about it and deal with it, we're going to find ourselves in the midst of chaos, confusion and civil war.''

To say that Keyes, who once served in the Reagan Administration, is obsessed with Pres. Obama is an understatement.

On his website, “Loyal to Liberty,” Keyes not only calls Obama a “coward,” “tyrant” and “communist,” but even suggests that the president may “threaten” Keyes’ very life and liberty with counter legal action because of the Black conservative’s efforts to remove him from office.

“To any who insist on questioning his actions, he offers the drastic change of ruin and destruction,” Keyes writes, later adding, “To tell you the truth, I expected Obama's ruthlessness, as I expect that it will escalate until his threats extend to liberty and even life itself. Tyrants are like that.”

When Irving Joyner, associate professor of law at North Carolina Central University’s School of Law in Durham, saw Keyes’ KHAS-TV interview online, he couldn’t believe it.

“Alan Keyes is the worst example of radical right-wing politics even as he clothes himself in Black skin,” Prof. Joyner told The Carolinian. “It is certainly tragic that Keyes is able to obtain undeserved and unwarranted press attention by being a lead ''attack dog'' for interests and sentiments which are in direct opposition to the best interests of the vast majority of African-Americans.”

Joyner continued, “It also demonstrates how desperate Keyes has become, and the unmitigated gall which he exhibits when he goes to any [length] to obtain some attention and public exposure, especially when it is done at the expense of the most successful African-American political leader in American history...President Obama's political success and leadership paint a vivid picture of the scope of Keyes' failures and the pitiful depths to which he has sunk.”

George Curry, veteran journalist and former editor of Emerge Magazine, was blunt.

“People such as Alan Keyes and [conservative commentator] Larry Elders have zero credibility in our community. Therefore, I never think about what they think or if they think at all,” Curry said.

Stella Adams, newly elected First Vice Chair of the NC Democratic Party, agrees.

“As an African-American who fully embraces the agenda that has been set by our President Barack Obama, I am perplexed and dismayed by the remarks of Alan Keyes and others who have made outlandish and very close to seditious statements against our President, she told The Carolinian.

“I find it hard to believe that men like Alan Keyes, Larry Elder and others are sincere in their demagoguery but rather they understand that their outlandish positions will extend their 15 minutes of fame,” Adams continued. “Unfortunately, the media believes that it must put forward the opinions of any Black pundit who speaks in opposition to President Obama regardless of its relevance, I guess it is no different from the coverage that Ann Coulter receives.”

As both Adams and Prof. Joyner indicated, Keyes heads a long list of Black conservatives who have worked overtime trying to claim Obama’s rhetoric head for their mantle.

Black conservative Ken Blackwell, the Republican former Ohio secretary of state who failed in his bid recently to become the new chairman of the Republican National Committee is another who relentlessly branded Obama a “socialist” and questioned his patriotism based on Obama’s “questionable” association with controversial figures like is former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and 60’s Weatherman radical Prof. William Ayers.

“I want to make sure we protect the integrity of our democracy,” Blackwell told conservative commentator Glen Beck last year when asked why he opposed Obama.

Conservative author Shelby Steele wrote the book, “Bound Man: Why We are Excited About Obama and Why He Can’t Win,” postulating that the Black liberal presidential candidate, like all Black liberal public figures, would have to bargain with whites that if they would forget he’s black, he won’t accuse anyone of racism. Steele felt that Obama, as some point, would undoubtedly fall short of the bargain, and lose, because, using the word “cowardice,” he refuses to define himself.

“Sometimes, he’s Martin Luther King, sometimes, he's a Black militant from the Sixties, then he’s a Baptist minister. He can be so different. There’s not yet an Obama voice. That troubles me on other levels. It’s hard to know what bag he’s going to come out of when he takes to the podium,” Steele said in an interview with Kam Williams.

Months later, when it was clear that Obama was a lot more talented than he thought and stood an excellent chance to win, Steele admitted to Fox News’ Sean Hannity that the “Why he can’t win” subtitle was an ill advised “afterthought” that he “regretted.”

Other noted Black conservatives like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell have attacked Obama as “lacking in character, values and understanding,” and “is himself a lie.”

On the journalistic front, they’ve been joined by Juan Williams, prizewinning author of “Eyes on the Prize,” national correspondent for National Public Radio, and frequent commentator on Fox News’ Sunday and The O’Reilly Factor.

Williams, originally thought to be politically moderate, has distressed many in both the liberal and African-American communities with his remarks about both President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

In March 2008 during the height of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy, Williams was frequently appearing on Fox News blasting Obama for remaining a member of Wright’s church for 20 years.

“This is the closest Black people have ever been to having a president of the United States of America. And suddenly you see, wait a second, he's playing games and corners here on the race question. He's not being straight ahead and saying, ''You know what, I stand astride racial polarization.''

He's saying, ''I play racial polarization at one moment to my advantage - Reverend Wright - next moment I will distance myself and disavow Reverend Wright when that's convenient, too,” Williams said.

None other than arch-conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, famous for playing the “Barack the Magic Negro” song on his program and calling Obama a “half-rican” because his mother was White and his father was a black African, applauded Williams’ charge of dishonesty against Obama.

Recently after the inauguration, Williams was forced to apologize when he suggested on Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor that First Lady Michelle Obama “she's got this Stokely Carmichael-in-a-designer-dress thing going. If she starts talking…her instinct is to start with this ''blame America,'' you know, 'I'm the victim.' If that stuff starts to come out - people will go bananas.”

NPR, Williams’ primary employer, was so deluged with complaints about Williams’ remarks on Fox, that the company formerly asked Fox to no longer identify Williams’ association with NPR during his appearances. He was forced to apologize, and now there’s pressure to have him fired from NPR.

The brazen attacks on Pres. Obama haven’t been limited to just politics and commentators. Several Black ministers have gotten in on the act, using the Bible to say some of the most outlandish things about the historymaker.

Conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a frequent guest with Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel, heads up a Los Angeles-based organization called BOND Action, Inc. He has issued “10 Reasons to Fear an Obama Nation” which include “dangerous, corrupt appointments; surrender in the war on terror; perpetuating genocide against the unborn; and 'unrestrained socialism' which he further describes as “turning America into a ghetto.”

Peterson is known for saying that only Republicans and conservatives can be Christian, and “96 percent of Black people are racist” towards Whites.

When preachers like T.D. Jakes and pastor Shirley Caesar hailed President Obama’s victory, Rev. Peterson publicly attacked them as “worshiping the wrong Messiah.”

But even Peterson’s rhetoric is nothing compared to fiery attacks leveled by Rev. James David Manning, pastor of Atlah Worldwide Church in Harlem, NY.

Rev. Manning, who has made numerous radio and television appearances, and can be seen on YouTube online, made headlines last year for saying that Obama “was born trash” because he had a White mother and Black African father. He has also called Obama a “mack-daddy.”

“He got started — you didn’t notice him ’til he brought out those big-chested White women with their tight T-shirts and their short pants,” Rev. Manning preaches in one of his infamous videos. “That’s what a pimp does. He’s a mack daddy. He pimps White women and Black women. Obama is a long-legged mack daddy.”

Rev. Manning has also alleged that every speech Pres. Obama has made is tinged with his “hatred for America” and White people.

Recently, Manning has alleged that “the jury is still out on whether Obama is Black or not,” and suggested that Blacks really had nothing to be proud of in his election.

Amazingly, Manning does have a growing following, thanks to the Internet. Black Republicans like new GOP chair Michael Steele have taken shots at Obama in the past, and still do, but mostly those jibes are political in nature and rarely as deeply personal.

Many analysts say that what many of Obama’s critics have in common is that they are virtually divorced from the African-American community. They have no real base of Black support.

Intellectuals like Shelby Steele and Walter Williams work at high profile universities and conservative think tanks, so their salaries are paid by whites, not Blacks.

That’s one of the reasons why when they attack Obama or anyone else in the black community, they are seen as doing so from outside of the community, and thus, get no respect from inside.

The list of Black notables who have sought to personally and politically diminish Barack Obama is by no means limited to conservatives, a fact proven in January 2008 during the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary when billionaire Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson, a Hillary Clinton friend and supporter, tried to undermine Obama, telling an audience that then candidate Sen. Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, ''have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues — when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood; I won't say what he was doing, but he said it in his book — when they have been involved.''

Johnson was making a thinly veiled reference to Obama’s published admission of drug and alcohol usage as a troubled youth. Johnson later apologized, but three months later, bashed Obama again when he said that if Obama were White, he wouldn’t be leading the Democratic primary race over Clinton.

Conservatives, both Black and White, were enjoying the free-for-all as Black Democrats seemed to line up to take cheap potshots at the young, foreign-named political rookie who dared to say he wanted to be the next Commander-in-chief.

When then- Sen. Obama prepared to face-off against Sen. Clinton and others in the primaries in December 2007, former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, a close lieutenant to slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., made it clear during a television interview that as far as he was concerned, the Illinois senator was an upstart and lightweight.

Referring to former Pres. Bill Clinton’s alleged philandering in an effort to question how “Black” Obama was, Young, in an apparent tasteless dig, said, “Bill is every bit as Black as Barack. He’s probably gone with more Black women than Barack.”

Immediately realizing how off-color his remark was, Young quipped, “I’m clowning.”

During that same interview, Young said, “I want Barack Obama to be president…in 2016. It’s not a matter of being inexperienced. It’s a matter of being young.”

Even though no one from the traditional Democratic or civil rights leadership publicly came to Andrew Young’s defense, even after he later apologized, it was common knowledge that there was a resentment on the part of some of the old guard like Rev. Jesse Jackson, Young and others towards Obama because he didn’t come to them to ask for either their blessing or guidance.

That resentment was especially apparent with Rev. Jackson, who, even though he publicly supported Obama, openly criticized the Democratic candidate if he didn’t speak out on an issue of Black concern, like the Jena 6 controversy.

Jackson’s angst, and some say jealousy over the fact that Obama had clearly gone much further in his presidential aspirations than Jackson’s two unsuccessful tries in the late 1980’s, apparently boiled over when he was secretly taped in a Fox News studio last July telling a fellow guest that he would like cut Obama’s privates off because he was “talking down to Black people” about parenting.

“You are hurting Black America and Senator Obama,” Los Angeles community activist Najee Ali angrily wrote in an open letter to Jackson afterwards. “Your continued verbal attacks (see Jena 6 drama) are unwarranted. It is as if you're jealous that he has eclipsed you and both of your campaigns for the Democratic nomination.”

Rev. Jackson, who apologized even before the tape became public, has been kept at considerable distance from Obama ever since.

For many Black Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton last year, it took well into the general election before many of them finally accepted that Barack Obama could be, and should be the next president.

For many Black conservatives and religious figures, however, their opposition to Obama, and what they believed he stands for, only increased after he won election.

“It is fair game to challenge President Obama on ideological or political grounds,” Prof. Irving Joyner told The Carolinian. “That is a principled position, even if the position opposes policies of the Obama administration...It is despicable to attack the President based on his race, and the fact that Obama has succeeded where others, like Keyes, have failed. This is especially true when the attacks come from someone with the hue of an African-American.

Keyes and other ''haters of color'' diminish our entire race and cheapens the historic struggles and political progress which African-Americans have made.”

Joyner continued, “Keyes' attacks are unprincipled in every respect and he, and others like him, should be condemned by every African-American in this country. It is to be remembered that success needs no explanation or justification, and failures, like Alan Keyes, have none.”

Joyner concluded, “We all should pray for Alan Keyes...because he is truly one of the very few lost sheep.”

Other defenders of Pres. Obama agree that where there is truly constructive criticism of the president and his policies from political adversaries, that should be both respected, and debated.

“I believe we have to take seriously the actions of [GOP Chair] Michael Steele and other sincere Republicans who have different but legitimate views of President Obama's agenda,” Stella Adams, NCDP First Vice Chair, said. “We must agree to disagree with their arguments and look for common ground where we can work together for the benefit of the African American community. I am eager in my position as 1st Vice Chair of the Democratic Party to explain to our community why President Obama has provided a clear path to the future for our community and our country.”

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User Comments

Ronald Childs on Mar 17, 2009 at 08:27:24 said:

I've read through the entire article but have yet to see the name of a single black "leader." None of the dissenters you mention are leaders. And no, not even Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. is one. How did you make the determination of who black America's leadership is?

R.Miller on Mar 14, 2009 at 06:58:12 said:

It is sad that the black is acting like the white...not satfied with no President, that\'s a shame before God.

allen on Mar 12, 2009 at 19:14:56 said:

Since we're talking about "the media" and it's pundits...who gets called upon to make comments or judgments about the "black community" or the "black vote?" Who does the media call upon concerning the voices of the "black conservative" or the "black liberal?" Who is best qualified to answer questions that concern blacks of all, or any, religion, gender, social class or political persuasion? The answer is, white men...

Most Blacks vote Democratic because they have a "plantation" mentality. These blacks know their place, and they enjoy it. Ask any black conservative and he or she will tell you it's true. The few blacks that have left the plantation, such as the black conservative, realize that the have been set free from other blacks to work for "white America." They also know their place, and they enjoy it. Ask any black liberal and he or she will tell you it is true.

Blacks will always criticize other blacks no matter what side of the fence they're on. That's just the way it is in America. Blacks should just accept who and what you are, and stop speaking for or against other blacks.

This article is not a hatchet job on Alan Keyes. I've read articles written by Keyes. I've heard those quotes and have heard Keyes make them with my own eyes and ears. Everything the author of this essay wrote is a direct quote and is contextually accurate.

Keyes, Obama, Juan Williams, Jesse Jackson or Oprah do not, and cannot speak for the majority of blacks. They all are blacks born in America, and they speak for themselves, and basically, for their own benefit. The bottom line is, they wouldn't have a "cotton-pickin" thing if it were not for someone white signing, endorsing or backing their paychecks.

Until blacks learn to support themselves socially, politically, spiritually and economically, you will always be beholden to whites of both, or any, political party. Until you do this, you might as well let a white man speak for you!

DLB on Mar 11, 2009 at 23:36:12 said:

"To Katryn on Mar 11, 2009 at 14:32:05"

Everything you said is true about “people of european ancestry”. Stop crying about how people of "Enhanced Melanin" have to work twice as hard & be excellent in everything they do (dot the "I's" & cross the "T's) to be considered equal to "low achieving", "constant crying", "name blaming", groups of people of european ancestry. McCain was at the bottom of his class academically, crashed 4 planes during his time in the Vietnam war before finally being captured & it took Palin six colleges to get a Bachelors Degree(?), compared to Obama's & Biden's backgrounds (Harvard, Law degrees, Masters, etc.)& both men's wives are highly educated professionals (Michelle-Law Degree & Jill-Doctor's Degree). It is about time that people of european ancestry really start WORKING & EARNING life achievements, instead of expecting HANDOUTS all the time (& crying, & whining, boo hoo hoo....)!

Rick Evans on Mar 11, 2009 at 17:39:42 said:

So, Richard Brandon (Director of Health for the State of Hawaii) you've seen Mr. Obama's actual birth certificate. The actual one that tells how much he weighed, the name of the Hospital and the attending physician. You have personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama's original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures. So tell us, was he born there?

Ginger Kuhn on Mar 11, 2009 at 14:57:09 said:

Comeon get your facts straight. This man is not a natural born citizen. If he were he would unlock all his records. Noone spends between $500,000.oo And $800,000.00 uless he has something to hide. We will get to the bottom of this because it will not go away. Just uncover your records and then noone will pick on you.

Katryn on Mar 11, 2009 at 14:32:05 said:

Obama is not the fulfillment of the Dream. He is the candidate of the Nightmare, elected not for his ideas or principles, but because of the melanin in his skin. If Obama was a white-bread guy with the same resume, he would not have a cult following and he probably would never have attended Columbia or Harvard, either.

Tens of millions of people in this country voted for him not because they agreed with his core beliefs, because he would say anything to any audience, but because their either voted with their skin (instead of their brains) or they voted to 'prove' they weren't racists. This is how a poorly educated, yes, poorly educated, because he repeatedly shows how unfamiliar he is with American history and how he does not understand that the presidency is about more than reading from a teleprompter. (It does not help that he has no formal training in economics.) Obama is affirmative action taken to extremes, with the unready and inexperienced put in a place beyond their skills and preparation where he can only FAIL--the problem is, he's going to take the country with him.

The problem with Obama isn't that conservatives are unbalanced or crazy (be they of whatever coloration) --it's Obama, with his Marxist leanings, Marxist friends, Get Whitey racist church, and toxic Chicago connections cannot, will not, unify the country. He will divide us and possibly destroy us--it doesn't matter how nice a smile he wears.

A lot of American-born people of Enhanced Melanin need to start thinking in terms of individual achievement instead of quotas. No ethnic group in this country has ever succeeded without individual excellence. The continuing drone of victimhood from a lot of American-born people of Enhanced Melanin grows ever more empty and grating as people immigrate to this country who are NOT WHITE, and do well, including Africans of much-enhanced melanin.

Truth's a killer, and the truth is that Obama is a mediocrity created by slick production and the ability to read well from a teleprompter. Some of us see that, and others have to cling to the belief they must support this man because of his melanin.

I don't hate Obama. His fumbling first 50 days in office speaks for itself, however, and you don't need to be a conservative to see that, but being a conservative and not being racially entranced with the man apparently did help to see plainly what a lightweight he is once you strip aside the hype.

richard brandon on Mar 11, 2009 at 13:38:10 said:

"There have been numerous requests for Sen. Barack Hussein Obama's official birth certificate. State law (Hawai'i Revised Statutes §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record.

"Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai'i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai'i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama's original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

JayDC on Mar 11, 2009 at 13:23:05 said:

Obama is not being put down because of his skin color. He is reviled and denounced because of his ideology and the people he surrounds himself with. He is in the wrong place at the wrong time.He would make a great supreme court judge but he will prove to be the worst president this country has ever seen which is a crying shame if you ask me. I think he got blinded by his wife's anger and ambition and has forfeited his integrity to serve the bidding of others.

Tyree in Cali on Mar 11, 2009 at 11:40:00 said:

Not one conservative I've seen on television, or read in print has criticized the president because he's black. I've heard criticisms because of his beliefs, his policies, his cabinet selections, and his economic plan, and his continually broken campaign promises, but not one criticism because he's a black man. Believe me, if that were an iota of the case it would be plastered on every major media outlet in the country with racism in bold print. I invite anyone to produce one thing to the contrary. If anyone has made an issue of race, it's his own party.

The brotha that made the comment that liberal blacks dismiss politically opposing views and call those who have them haters was on point. I've even heard my own people call me worse because of what I believe in.

Carol on Mar 11, 2009 at 06:10:26 said:

Conservatives always seem to get all defensive when the garbage their leaders spew out is put in black and white for all to read. The problem is not that someone disagrees with the politics, the problem is that in their rhetoric they seem hateful, ignorant, and outright radical. Is it impossible for conservatives to find leaders who can express their points of views and beliefs without seeming insane and full of bitterness and desperation? This may be a hatchet job or "selective quoting", though I believe the correct word is embarrassment, but I have read many, many articles, from both side of the spectrum and watch many interviews, even from the likes of Fox News and am almost always appalled at the insanity going on in the conservative field. That is why the party has crash and burned, a bunch of lunatics have taken over. Lunatics not because they disagree but for all the reasons aforementioned. Crazies.

NYCity Mama on Mar 11, 2009 at 05:55:50 said:

It kills me to read this. Obama, being the right choice for so many more reasons than just the color of his skin, will always be put down and doubted, because of the color of his skin. Then come this desperate puppets to discredit not only him as President, but any other person of color who may follow in his footsteps. Disturbing and enfuriating to say the least.

Michael Emanuel on Mar 11, 2009 at 05:44:16 said:

As a black man and a conservative, I'm not surprised by what I just read.

It seems that any viewpoint that challenges the monolithic political belief system of black America by other blacks is instantaneously disregarded and dismissed. It seems if liberalism was truly the best option for blacks in this country, it'd be really easy to disparage the positions and beliefs of conservativism. Yet, I haven't seen any prominent black liberals bother to debate conservatives black or white, in a public forum; you all just write us off as "haters".

Some define insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. After 40 years of voting Democrat 95% of the time, what has it gotten the "black community"? Why are you all so afraid to engage and consider a different point of view?

Sidenote: It's Larry Elder, not Elders.

JSmithCSA on Mar 10, 2009 at 09:28:18 said:

What a bizarre article.

Is the purpose of it to list the black leaders that oppose Obama so they can be mocked and attacked? This is largely just a hatchet job on Alan Keyes -- interestsingly, none of those who believed it was "time for a black president" voted for him in the last 4 elections -- what they meant is an ultra-liberal black president with severe ethical challenges, which we now have.

Side notes:
- Glenn Beck has 2 N's.
- Juan Williams is brought on Fox News to portray the "other side"; he's a liberal.

m mills on Mar 10, 2009 at 09:05:37 said:

A sad, demented and intensely envious collection of people looking for fame in obverse proportion to that which they lack in substance. The Black community is too savvy to be hoodwinked by such unbalanced opinions. They do not merit attention.

Alonzo Anderson on Mar 09, 2009 at 21:01:08 said:

Juan Williams is definitely NOT a conservative. And Juan is correct in asserting that Obama was playing games on the race question.




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