Filipinos Leaning Towards Romney

Posted: Oct 14, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO – About 30 Filipino-American seniors from all over the Bay Area gathered Thursday morning at a community center in a largely Filipino enclave in the heart of San Francisco’s South of Market district.

Along with their regular breakfast and a mental health workshop, Rudy Asercion, who directs the West Bay Filipino Multi-Services Inc., also served up a good dose of politics, rallying them to register and vote. He also invited them to the center that evening to watch the vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan in their first and only televised debate.

A recent national survey of Asian American voters found that Filipinos show the highest level of support for GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney. But, at this local debate-watching party at West Bay, opinions are split among supporters of both men, with some voters still undecided about whom to support.

Watching the debate, Asercion says Congressman Ryan hammered two key issues that resonate strongly with the Filipino electorate: the economy and health care.

Asercion is the chair of the National Organization of Filipino-American Republicans and an elected member of the San Francisco Republican Party Central Committee.

“[The economy], to Filipino-American Republicans is key,” says Asercion, who is the highest-ranking Filipino-American Republican in the nation. “We want a team that is committed to turning the economy, turning the country around in the right direction…”

During Thursday’s debate, Ryan reiterated the GOP ticket’s five-point economic plan, which focuses on: energy independence; improving education and job skills training; getting the deficit and debt under control; curtailing unfair trade practices; tax breaks for small businesses and overturning Obamacare.

Ryan said that if elected, his and Romney’s plan would “strengthen the middle class and get the economy growing at 4 percent, creating 12 million jobs over the next four years.”

Asercion said many Filipino Americans were hit hard by the recession, including many of the West Bay center’s clients, making the economy the most important issue for the community in this year’s election.

“Everybody’s having a hard time; they know the country is not headed to the right direction,” he says. “That’s what many Filipino Americans are waiting for, that the country gets back on track. So that’s why I believe Filipinos want a change in the administration. Personally, I think the Obama administration has run out of ideas.”

Asercion adds, “There’s an intensity right now with this presidential race, there’s a buzz for Romney [among the community], which I didn’t see for McCain. It’s completely different now because people, Filipinos are hurting.”

Juanita Nimfa Gamez, while viewing the debate at West Bay, says she’s planning to vote for Romney because the current administration has failed to deliver on its promises.

“The Obama administration was given four years to change things around,” she says. “They keep saying that they’re for the middle class, but right now as we speak, the middle class is getting poorer and poorer.”

Gregorio Ferrer, who calls himself a long-time Democrat, says it was Obama’s poor performance during the first presidential debate that has shaken his confidence in the president. The 85-year-old Filipino World War II veteran says he was impressed with Romney’s delivery and articulation of his plans to turn the economy around. But Ferrer notes that he is waiting for the next two presidential debates before he makes a decision.

Rodel Rodis, a Filipino-American community leader and Democrat, supports the president’s actions to lift the country out of the recession.

“President Obama is getting us back on track with 43 months of steady growth, unemployment is down, the stock market has doubled and the economy is on its way forward,” Rodis says. “But what the Romney-Ryan team want to do is bring us back to the Bush era.”

He adds, “The very same people that drove the economy to the ground by creating two wars that cost trillions of dollars on a credit card as Vice-President Biden said in the debate; by deregulating Wall Street and which Romney now proposes to do…they are looking at the numbers without looking at what caused that big recession.”

On the health care front, which many Filipino American voters are closely watching, Ascercion and Rodis have divergent views, especially when it comes to Medicare.

Ryan wants to turn it from the insurance plan it now is that directly pays medical bills for the elderly, into a voucher plan, under which seniors will be given a fixed subsidy to buy their own insurance. Critics say that seniors will be forced to pay out of pocket when their insurance plan maxes out.

Asercion defends Ryan’s plan, saying that it will keep Medicare from going bankrupt. “It’s important to put a new plan in place,” he asserts.

But Rodis says that Romney’s remarks earlier this year that 47 percent of the U.S. population are “moochers” living off of government handouts is insulting to his community, many of whom depend on Social Security.

“Many Filipino Americans are living off of Social Security ...... and these are the people Romney looks down upon in complete disdain,” he says.

And, he adds: “Obama has always committed to look out for everyone, especially the most vulnerable in our society. It truly is dangerous for Filipinos and everyone receiving these benefits, if people like Romney and Ryan (were) to be elected.”

Asercion says he believes the outcome of last night’s debate between Biden and Ryan is a wash. He called Biden “a skilled debater,” but notes that, “what’s important now will be the outcome of the next two presidential debates.” Those debates are scheduled for Oct. 16 and 22.

Meantime, the Filipino-American community in the Bay Area will be holding a town hall meeting]:Fil-Am to discuss the two presidential candidates on Oct. 18. It is hosted and organized by The Filipino Channel [TFC] TV network at their studios in Redwood Shores.

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User Comments

Spo101 on Oct 15, 2012 at 13:40:23 said:

On Hannity, Frank Luntz focus group after VP debate ---One older Southern aristocratic type woman called Paul Ryan “debonair” Who the f**k uses that word anymore and why would they pick their leaders because of elegance? In 2012 I can’t believe there’s White Women out there voting for a candidate because of their hormones… along with their racist hardhead men have become a rich people groupie cult, celebrity worship for the ages…

Republicans haven’t taken responsibility for last silver spoon, trust fund baby they voted for in 2000-2004, now want to burden Americans with ANOTHER? Only a fool or a traitor would voter for Romney/Ryan.

Romney LIED over 50 times during the debate and his foreign policy speech was a joke by a man with NO SHAME! Who the f**k allowed Mitt Romney stand in front of the military service flags. This coward is a chicken-hawk of the worst kind. Romney was for the Vietnam War but draft dodged in France posing as a Mormon missionary.

Romney foreign policy speech was meant to hypnotize/brainwash the useful tools who vote for Republicans. “Obama/Libya/Arab Spring BAD, Bomb bomb Iran Romney GOOD”… Let the “little people” fight the war because Frenchy Romney and his 5 goofy sons will be on home soil making billions in war profiteering investments.

Romney/Ryan needed the same chicken hawk talking points George W. Bush had after 9/11. So Big Moneyed, covert op interests began paying off Libyan-Egyptian locals to storm US compounds concerted effort to hurt Obama/Biden before the election. Christian Conservative fanatics set up Mohammed mocking video to create unrest to make Obama look bad. I know, I KNOW… it’s only a coincidence all this bullshit happened just before a Presidential election.

It’s not unlike what the late 70’s Conservative wackos did the Carter Administration? Instead of looking at the HISTORICAL FACTS that big business and the military sabotaged the 4 year Carter Administration. You want me to believe those Iranian fanatic dumb asses thought up taking over the American embassy without right wing hawk CIA help? COME ON! Ollie North was in charge of the FAILED Iran Hostage rescue mission… REALLY? An Oil shortage… REALLY? Inflation… REALLY?

Hey Useful Tools, maybe you tough guys forgot 1983, how Reagan cut & run after 241 Marines were killed in Lebanon imbeciles.

The Billionaire Aristocrats and their Republican Party flunkies have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR! These vain, self-serving, power-mad, greed stricken silver spoon con artists have turned the USA into the United Suckers of America.

Reagan/Bush killed ANTI-TRUST and any regulation that kept industry HONEST. When Reagan/Bush came to power, the USA was #1 on the planet in exporting goods and importing raw materials. This is the very definition of a prosperous economy. By 2006, it is the exact opposite. Why? Years of Republicans selling out the American middle class, that’s why. The Bush’s and a Republican Controlled Congress (1994-2006) gave it up for a very few wealthy families.

And what did these elitists DO? Stall new technology, steal pension funds, move to China, India, Mexico. THIS while paying for those high priced, patriotic commercials, WE LOVE THE USA, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, etc. BS! (when I snap my fingers you‘ll wake happy and refreshed… lol)

I think we need to focus on those in the TOP 1% Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, David Siegel, Bob Perry, Diane Hendricks, Rich Devos, Foster Friess, Louis Moore, Trevor Rees-Jones, Darden Restaurants and those rich @$$holes on the Council for National Policy. Let’s not forget the Neo-Con, War Profiteer, banking scandal, Bush Crime Family types along with their flunkies such as the Mitt Romney, Scott Walker types. An American Aristocracy, who made their fortunes on the backs of American workers… The water, air and wealth of resources used to manufacture the goods. The brain power and innovation, with American ingenuity, technology, ideas… using infrastructure paid for by the American taxpayer… And how did they repay us? The silver spoon, trust fund baby m’f***er’s moved all our jobs to Asia, fouled our environment with stuff that would make a bill goat puke and turned our politicians into a stable of high priced prostitutes.

It used to be called bribery, collusion and all those crimes covered by the RICO Act. These rich guys should be in prison or bottom of the Gulf of Mexico but Nooooo… the Conservative wackos want to elect one of them President.

“I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half”, robber baron Jay Gould

Suggested reading: “Pity the Billionaire” by Thomas Frank

A poor woman came up to Mitt with a baby in her arms and asked: “Can you help us Mitt Romney?” … Yes said Mitt (he handed her a brochure from the Mormon Church. Beautiful Ann gave them a hug while eyeing the cameras)




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