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We're Ready for Change

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentaries, Various Authors Posted: Nov 05, 2008

Editor's Note: President-elect Barack Obama won his campaign on a message of hope and change. Now, Bay Area youth speak out on the change they want to see.

Obama is the Future
This country needs a president that speaks for the people who face racism everyday because of the color of their skin. We need a president of color. Obama is just that, he is the voice of those who are left unheard.

I believe Obama is the best option we have for this county to make any progress. The way Bush has been leading the country has placed us in what many people believe could be another depression.

Although he does not believe in gay marriage, Obama is fighting for the rights of colored people. I would like to see him change his mind and realize everyone is equal. I believe in God, but I disagree that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. I have many friends who are gay or lesbian. I believe they have the right to be happy, to be equal.

Also, I hope to see there be a plan to have a lot less pollution. There is a lot of pollution creating global warming. There are many stories about the world ending in 2012 due to global warming. At this point, the way we are headed it is possible. Maybe requiring everyone to use reusable energy is the way to go.
The war in Iraq not only costs this country millions of dollars, it is also costing the U.S millions of lives.

Unfortunately, our current president George W. Bush stated that there were weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. In 2005, government spokespeople stated that there are no WMDs in Iraq. So why are our troops still in Iraq three years later? Obama is against the war. He wants our people out of Iraq and safe back home. Now that Obama is elected, I hope to see our brothers and sisters safe, in the "land of the free, and the home of the brave."

I am acknowledge that change can not happen over night, but this country never is ready for change it always needs that little push. Obama is that push, now that's he is going to be president, maybe, years from now we can all truly be equal.

- Oscar D. Servellon, 17 Oakland

Keeping the Change Alive
I feel that a lot of things should be different in this world with this new president, especially since we had so many presidents who are the reason to blame. Violence is a big change that needs to happen soon before our Latino and African American sisters and brothers are no more. So things like the killings in Oakland getting higher and the H.I.V rates going up are serious issues that need to be handled. President Barack Obama could be that change that we all need. Even though he hasn't said anything about changing these urban issues, he preaches hope. Hope that he can make the necessary change possible for us as a nation. He also preaches change. So that we could get rid of this war that's been going on. Also, so that the crime rate could go down. These are qualities and change we need in a president. Us, as an African Americans and Latinos should be a part of this change. In my eyes I'm relying on the elders in my community to keep the change alive and believe that we are overdue for hope.

- Akilah Watkins, 16 - Oakland

Obama's Victory Will Change My Life
Ive spent my life growing up in the streets of San Franciscos Fillmore neighborhood. In the last three to four years, there has been a lot of shit going on in my neighborhood: people getting robbed, shot, their cars broken into, and now theyre trying to get people with the gang injunctions. Im glad Im not on that list, because where Im from the police really try to play people. I dont care about that gang stuff, because Im not on it. In the last three years, I have had like three or four of my homies killed because of violence. Its really crazy how you can be with somebody one day, and the next day they gone forever.

Even though things have been hard in my life, I feel like Obama is going to be a good president. I feel like things are really going to change. I know its not going to happen overnight, but in a few years there would be changes that people in my hood really need: like that it would be easier to get jobs, or more places to play at like a nice gym or a football field.

But Obama also wants to make it so we wont have to go to war fight over some oil, then win, but still have to pay more for gas. I think that's stupid. I know that Obama wants the best for our country, not like McCain, who is just trying to do the same thing Bush did.

I think Obama winning will make my life it easier, but I also know that it will be up to me to go get what I want if its a job or just trying to go to college for a few years.

I feel like Bush made it hard for Obama. I say that because Bush made a big hole, when he took money from the U.S to pay for the war on terror, and put the American economy in debt.

I do feel like if Obama doesn't make any change, there will never be another black President again. Obama has to come in and fix Bushs problem and make the other changes that he had in mind.

Word out on the streets that there are people who want to kill Obama. I know if that happens, this is going to be a crazy world. I say that because I know people who would go crazy breaking in to stores, fight, not even caring about the police.

But hopefully, that doesnt happen, because with Obama I know that there is going to be a big improvement.

- Jaquan Rushing, 19 San Francisco

Stopping Violence
When Barak Obama becomes president, I want him to make college affordable for everyone. He should focus more on kids and college students. Also adults that have kids should get special benefits. I want him to lower gas prices and cut taxes. He should stop violence in all neighborhoods by going to different neighborhoods where this is a problem and getting more security. He also can start arresting murderers and putting them in prison. If I were him, I would address this violence by making a speech in each city.

- Latajh Weaver, 15 - Oakland

The Things I Want to See Change with a New President
The first thing I want change in is schools. The schools nowadays are nasty and unsafe. Schools need help in all departments if you ask me: safety, teaching and cleanliness. Day by day, there's always an incident popping up. Kids are bringing weapons to school because they don't feel safe. How do they think the other kids are affected by this? The bathrooms at the school need better care. The soap containers in the bathroom are filled with spit so there's no soap to wash our hands. The toilet seats are filthy. Some of the teachers aren't very supportive with helping you, even when you ask for help - they will ignore you.

The second thing I want to change is discrimination, but that will never change because people will always have hate in something they don't like. Getting a job is hard either way because of your race or of your background. I think that everybody deserves a chance no matter if you went to jail or your race. You could do the job even better than the person of the opposite race or with no criminal background.

The whole world needs change. There are more killings everyday over minor things. Day by day people are becoming homeless, because they are getting kicked out of their houses. Taxes need to be lowered, and gas prices have been extremely high and I really don't appreciate that because that's like money coming out my pocket because my mom gives me money. The higher gas goes up, the less I get.

- Dominique Mark, 17 - San Francisco

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