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Iran's Destiny in the Hands of Iranians

Iranian.com, Commentary, IranianHuman Posted: Jul 01, 2009

The destiny of Iran is in the hands of Iranians. This statement may sound obvious to some and to others sound disconnected from reality. If we have learnt anything from the recent protests/uprising is that Iranians have the capability to unite, the question is are we capable of taking the next steps?

We have a choice: we can sit back and allow the current regime to take Iran down its disastrously misguided path; we can wait for change to develop once the Obama Administration starts negotiating with the regime; or we can take matters into our own hands.

It is easy to feel totally powerless and impotent given the enormous task at hand but given the outpouring of support shown by the expatriate community around the world a spark of hope has been lit. Given that the mask has been ripped off the regime's face, and Iranians in Iran have shown they have the will power to stand up to the regime, the conditions are ripe for change.

If the expatriate community can unite it can become a very powerful force, far stronger than the American and Israeli military forces that some mistakenly think is the only option for change. Once the expatriate community unites it can then empower Iranians in Iran.

It is estimated that the total wealth of the expatriate community is above $600,000,000,000. If one percent of this can be directed towards bringing about freedom and democracy in Iran we would be a power strong enough to take on the totalitarian regime in Iran.

The first step is to organize and unite those that are willing to work for freedom and democracy in Iran. At the moment many have been using email forwarding lists that they have used to pass on the latest news about Iran to those recipients that they trust. These lists can take the next step and form into online communities that can communicate, plan, and organize. A world wide network of these communities can then be formed and an online expatriate "government in exile" can be elected.

Once this "government in exile" is formed an agenda would be decided on and the task of bringing about freedom and democracy could begin.

Below are some ideas to consider for action

Boycott, lobby, protest, sue, any companies that are providing the Iranian authorities with software or equipment that is being used to control, monitor, or spy on Iranians. Demand that they provide information on how their products can be disabled, by-passed, or made ineffective.

Smuggle into Iran millions of satellite devices capable of sending and receiving broadband and thereby by-pass the telecommunication system in Iran. Include instruction and wiring diagrams so that Iranians can make their own version on the cheap. If whisky, cigarettes, and drugs can be smuggled into Iran so can these devices.

Lobby for the positioning of satellites above Iran so that television signals can not be jammed and broadband easily picked up. If necessary provide private funding for this if no governments will cooperate.

Smuggle into Iran radio transmission equipment so that Iranians can set up low powered FM stations capable of reaching a 20 kilometer radius. Include instruction on how to operate, broadcast, and program for these citizen operated FM stations.

Smuggle into Iran digital radios capable of receiving satellite signals, similar to Sirius Radio. Include instructions on how to build these in Iran.

Lobby and sue governments so that they are forced to reveal content of bank accounts belonging to Iranians in the regime, and demand that these accounts be frozen. Create an online data base of Iranians within the regime and include their mug shots and any family members fronting for them.

Create Web sites that provide information on the implementation of democracy. Make sure this information is presented in very simple Persian so that anybody able to read and write in Iran can understand it. All information would be formatted for easy printing into pamphlets.

Information would include

A. The difference between a democratically run government and a totalitarian system.

B. Procedures on how to run meetings, take votes, and arrive at decisions.

C. Clearly explain how citizens can set up election systems that allow voting for mayors, judges, governors, police chiefs, school superintendents, local councils, village managers, and a sane and competent president.

D. Provide clear instructions on voting procedures, the monitoring of voting, and the counting of results.

E. Provide instructions on how to organize strikes, and other civil disobedience actions.

One essential task towards dismantling this unjust totalitarian regime is the education of the members of the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij. At the moment they are totally under the control of the regime's hardliners. But this does not mean they are unreachable. After all they are fellow Iranians and have the capacity to think for themselves, even if they have been tricked/persuaded to not to do this. Almost every Iranian knows a member of the Revolutionary Guard or has somebody in the family that is a member. The members of the Revolutionary Guard and Basij do not live on another planet. They know how much meat costs. They know what rents are. They know how difficult it is to find a job. They know they are granted special privileges and without these bribes they would find it difficult to survive. And surely they must know they are being manipulated. The question they must be asked to answer is: Are they willing to kill fellow Iranians so that a totalitarian regime can remain in power? And if so, how many Iranians are they willing to kill? And are they willing and able to kill another Iranian because that Iranian wants to live in freedom and not under an oppressive regime that violates his or her human rights? And finally, do they truly believe they are doing God's work by killing fellow Iranians?

Another important sector of the Iranian population that needs to be reached and educated is the working class and rural residents. Unfortunately this sector only has the state controlled media providing information to them and what is taking place online or via satellite television is not reaching them. Even though many smaller cities now have Internet caf's the online community is too small to have any impact. Maybe digital radio would be an effective method of reaching this sector though the cost of satellite receivers is low enough that many are now purchasing dishes on the black market. Affordable DVD and VCD players are now in a majority of households in Iran so these avenues should also be utilized. The workers and rural population are the backbone of the country, without them the regime can not stand.

Iran has arrived at a juncture where its future direction must be self-determined. Top down decision making has failed and will continue to fail, even if the one at the top is supposedly the representative of God. Using force and oppression to rule Iran has worked in the past but now that Iranian eyes have opened these uncivilized methods are useless. Iranians are now ready to take possession of Iran. Iranians like to say, "Iran saahab naadareh" (Iran does not have an owner), but they can no longer say this because now Iranians are the owners of Iran, or will be soon.

As long as Iran is governed by a minority of hard liners that oppose democracy and use violence to suppress the justifiable demands of the Iranian majority a state of totalitarianism exists in Iran which in turn places Iran's national security in jeopardy.

Creating enemies that are militarily superior through support of non-Iranian organizations outside of Iran's borders threatens the development and peaceful existence of Iran.

Creating an inhospitable social environment that has caused a massive brain drain over the past decades thereby leaving behind a hollow core within our nation is a direct threat to Iran's long-term national security.

Incompetent governance and dangerous foreign policy positions have caused unemployment and inflation, poor utilization of natural resources, crippling sanctions harmful to the banking and trade sector, all of which are directly damaging Iran's national security.

When the leaders of the dominant religion of a country have disagreements regarding the fundamental interpretation of the religion, especially its relationship with the state, the national security of a nation is insecure and at risk. This insecurity and risk is increased when these interpretations influence the foreign policy of the nation and create tensions with nearby neighbors. When religious interpretations founded on superstitions deform our foreign policy and provoke military retaliation the national security of Iran is under an unacceptable threat.

The national security of our nation is our top priority without which our cultural, religious, educational, and industrial development can not progress.

A small minority that rule through totalitarianism and superstition must not be allowed to place the rest of the nation at risk. No matter how deep this superstition runs and how convinced its followers --- to the point of being brainwashed to commit suicide --- the rest of the populations has the duty of removing them from power if the national security of the nation is threatened.

Those Iranians that have the good fortune of living in free countries have a duty to assist those that want the removal of these misguided totalitarians.

Iranians are Iranian first, not Muslims first, then Iranians.

Once the nation is free and governed democratically every Iranians will be free to believe what they want instead of being forced to believe a warped interpretation of Islam.

The freedom of expression, assembly, belief, and press are fundamental rights of every Iranian and vital for national security. Without these freedoms we have seen that the security of the nation is at risk. These freedoms can only be protected and advanced under a democracy.

Totalitarianism not only violates the human rights of every Iranian but also is a national security threat.

Totalitarians must not be allowed to provoke a war so as to consolidate their power and increase their stranglehold over the country.

Totalitarian actions are not only acts of treason but also counter to the will of God. Only under freedom can human beings find God. Using force, fear, and oppression to lead others to God is proof that those doing the leading are on the wrong path.

Using force, oppression, violence, and propaganda in the name of God is the ultimate sin and a crime against humanity.

Under these totalitarian conditions the regime's pursuit of nuclear energy that is not 100% transparent, and which creates serious doubts, is a direct threat to Iran's national security and must be halted. Only after democracy has been implemented should this activity be resumed and only after a careful cost benefit analysis has been conducted that favorably compares it to other alternative energy generating technologies.

Iran's future is in our hands. Come together. Unite. Organize. Get up. Stand up. Educate. And peacefully create change and bring about freedom and democracy. You have the power. We have the power. Freedom and democracy will bring all of us closer to the Truth, not totalitarian superstition.

What you can do now

Forward the above to those on your email list, assuming you agree with it.

What is meant by "Iran's totalitarian regime" is identified in Mohammad Sahimi's article. Forwarding Sahimi's article is recommended so that a clear understanding is gained of what the Iranian people are up against.

Organize a weekly meeting between friends and contacts in your geographic vicinity. Educate, share information, plan letter writing campaign, and fundraise.

Learn to do basic video editing on your computer. Download videos from YouTube (and elsewhere) and reduce them to less than 10MB and email them to your contacts in Iran. At the moment YouTube is blocked in Iran.

Educate your fellow Iranians on how democracy works and how this will benefit all Iranians.

Practice democratic principles at work, and also at home. If we do not succeed then at least let us make sure our children will.

I'm sure you have many good ideas of your won to contribute to this list. Feel free to do so in the comment section but please refrain from the usual personal irrelevant squabbles that only create static.

This message will be left unsigned because I live in Iran. My name is not important. What is important is that we work together to create a future for Iran that is a good future.

Zendebad Iran! Zendebad Iran-eh Azad!

Zendebad Iran-eh Azad va Mardom-eh Shoja-ash!

Allah-ho Akbar!

Ay Khoda ba Azadi pay-daatt khaham kard!

Zendebad Iran!

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