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Media Advisory: Teleconference on the ACA and its Implications on African American Communities (Wed, August 1st, 11 am PST)

Posted: Jul 27, 2012

NAM Media Advisory

NAM Media advisory

CONTACT: Cheryl Brownlee, CB Communications
Phone: (916) 806-3384
Email: cbcommunications@ymail.com



WHAT:  The Supreme Court announced its highly anticipated decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). So what does it mean for African Americans, their health and well-being? The California and Americans, on the state of California and the nation.  

WHEN:  The call is scheduled on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 11:00 AM PST. To register please click on this 
link: http://www.atconference.com/events/registration.php?ID=c38e9df8-8b5e-4dc0-bd5f-b9c75ffeac22

Herb Schultz, Director, Region IX, Department of Health and Human Services
Senator Curren Price, California's 26th State Senate District, Chair, California Legislative Black Caucus
Daniel Zingale, Senior Vice President, The California Endowment
Calvin Freeman, Chairman, Board of Directors, California Black Health Network
Darcel Lee, Executive Director, California Black Health Network
Dr. Gary Puckrein, PhD, President & CEO, National Minority Quality Forum

WHY: The California Endowment and California Black Health Network are dedicated to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, a law with monumental impact on our nation. With the largest number of uninsured persons in the country and an aggressive enrollment and implementation plan already underway, California has a clear stake in how the implementation of the ACA impacts all communities, including the African American community. The California Endowment and CBHN believe that California’s concerns and actions as they relate to African Americans may be a model for what other states may want to consider as the ACA is implemented across the nation.

California Black Health Network is committed to representing the issues and concerns of African Americans, at both the state and federal level, on comprehensive health care reform. Senator Curren Price chairs the California Legislative Black Caucus and has been an ardent champion of the ACA and health equity for African Americans. The California Endowment is engaged in a non-partisan, multi-million dollar statewide education effort to raise awareness of the facts, benefits, and newly established eligibility provisions contained in the new health care law.

PRESS: For more information or to schedule an interview with an Endowment or CBHN spokesperson, please contact Cheryl Brownlee at (916) 806-3384 or cbcommunications@ymail.com.

BACKGROUND: Compared with residents of other states, Californians are less likely to be insured, receive employer-based coverage, or be able to afford coverage. Californians are also at greater risk of being denied for pre-existing conditions than the rest of the nation. Typically, African Americans have the highest incidence of chronic disease and yet they are more likely to be uninsured due to a variety of social and economic reasons.

The ACA’s provisions make basic preventive care affordable, help reduce health care premiums, prevent children with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage, and increase accountability for insurance companies – among many other improvements. All of these reforms greatly impact African Americans, not only in California, but across the nation. Additionally, because California has taken the lead in implementing the Affordable Care Act, CBHN believes that what impacts African Americans here in California will have an impact on African Americans across the nation.

Some of the key benefits of the ACA in California include:
• Residents who don’t receive health insurance through an employer will be able to purchase it directly from the California Health Benefit Exchange.

An emphasis throughout the health care system on prevention and wellness instead of “sick care.”

Small employers will have access to new health insurance offerings through the Small Business Health Options Programs, a part of the California Health Benefit Exchange.

Expanded access to Medi-Cal for Californians earning less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level, including childless adults.

Closure of the “doughnut hole” in Medicare prescription drug benefits

Additional Information:
• Learn More About The Affordable Care Act in California 
• Read the CBHN Ethnic Health Assessment for African Americans in California

The California Black Health Network (CBHN) is a statewide not-for-profit established in 1978. The mission of CBHN is to improve the health status of people of African descent in California and to eliminate health disparities through legislative, administrative, and media advocacy. California Black Health Network is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Through the Colors of Commitment Building Healthy Communities Initiative, CBHN seeks to realize its vision of seeing healthy families in healthy communities throughout California. To learn more about CBHN, our programs, policy agenda, and initiatives, visit the CBHN homepage at www.cablackhealthnetwork.org.

The California Endowment is a private, statewide health foundation, which was established in 1996 to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities, and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians. Headquartered in downtown Los Angeles. The Endowment has regional offices in Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno and San Diego, with program staff working throughout the state. The Endowment challenges the conventional wisdom that medical settings and individual choices are solely responsible for people's health. The Endowment believes that health happens in neighborhoods, schools, and with prevention. For more information, visit The Endowment’s homepage at www.calendow.org.




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