I'll Always Love My Momma

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Video, Sean Shavers Posted: May 09, 2010

My mom is the closest person to me. She's what I think of when I hear the word: love. She showed me love, gave love freely, and received love back from me. She's been everything to me since before my first memory. She knows what it takes to be a mother. This is why she deserves to be praised on Mothers Day

When I was younger I couldn't see how important she was but now, when I look back, I can totally see it. All her efforts were directed towards me and my well being.

I see how she gave up a lot for me to even be here. I remember going to U.C. Davis and watching my mom spend her last dime on me so I could eat. Her stomach was growling in class, while I was fed. She could be sick as a dog but still take me to school every morning in the freezing cold. For ten years, I remember my mom saying that she'd never date because she didn't want a man to separate us.

In my video, my mom describes her trials and tribulations with me.

She explains in detail, about my frequent trips to Juvenile hall, my constant running away and my truancy record at school. She talks about how proud she felt when I made a turn around in life.

I'll never know how it feels to be a single mother, in college, buying baby formula and textbooks. Ill never know how it feels as a mother to cry all night long about my son wishing he'd do better. Ill never know how it feels to want my son to be with his father. Ill never know how it feels to carry a child in me and be scared to death.

Her story puts me and others in her shoes, allowing us to take a quick glance through her glasses and stomp in her boots.

Sean Shavers, 19, is a momma's boy and a content producer at YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia.

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