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Filipinos Sound Off on Palin

Philippine News, News Report, Philippine News staff Posted: Sep 12, 2008

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Filipino Americans expressed a gamut of reactions to Sarah Palins candidacy as Vice-President from scary to historic to a disinterested shrug of the shoulder.

God, I cant stand her, Leah de Mesa, a paralegal from New York, said.
Similarly repulsed by Palins style, a media executive said the Alaska governor may yet be this elections version of the Swift Boat. The Swift Boat Veterans ran a smear campaign against John Kerry in the 2004 presidential campaign, dismissing his service in the Vietnam War. Common wisdom now seems to acknowledge the smear may have delivered critical votes for Kerrys opponent, George Bush.

Be afraid, be very afraid, the media executive said. She talks big but in actuality, she knows very little about the rest of the world.

Others in the community concede Palin was a terrific public speaker, and they are also giving her the benefit of the doubt in terms of experience and qualifications. One of them, travel executive Carl Abella, said, This election is unprecedented. This is the first time that a woman is nominated by a major party to run as a vice president and Im very enthusiastic about her because she has the charisma and the experience. I believe it will probably make a difference in the election. Her speech was very intelligent. I think she went directly to the point of what she can give the country if elected vice president. Abella said Palins governorship of Alaska is solid experience in his book. I think she is definitely qualified, having been mayor and governor certainly enhances her to be vice president or even president of this country. If you will remember there are many governors who became president, theres Clinton, Carter and, of course, Ronald Reagan, he reasoned.

The lack of foreign policy experience is no big deal to Beth Wong, a commissioner of Marylands Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs.
While she doesnt have any foreign policy experience, I think that is something you can learn and acquire, she told Philippine News. Wong called Palins candidacy a historic moment. The Republicans realized they needed a woman and they chose the right person, she enthused.

Wong however curbed her enthusiasm, saying that while Palin may be qualified to be veep, she may be somewhat of a greenhorn for the Presidency should something happen to McCain during his term.

She did serve as mayor in the little town in Alaska and a governor. In terms of serving as vice president maybe she is qualified, but I dont think she will be qualified to take over his (McCains) position if something were to happen to him as president of the United States, she said. Grace Valera-Jaramillo of the Migrant Heritage Commission said its high time a woman leader play a greater role in government.

When there is a woman in the government, there is a human side to it. The government may have more heart this time, she said. Others, like Ruth Macarthur and Ador Carreon find Palin the epitome of the real American with real problems. I think shes a wonderful mom. Like any other parent she will always face some kind of family problem. I think shes still a terrific person, said Carreon, reacting to the spotlight treatment on Palins teenage pregnant daughter, Bristol. Macarthur, a retired social worker, said the choice of Palin is historic and momentous. McCain went to chose a female to beat Obama. Its the best choice at this time, she said.

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