No Justice in Mexico for Journalist

La Opinión, Posted: Dec 04, 2007

LOS ANGELES -- The ruling by Mexico's Supreme Court in the Lydia Cacho case sent a clear message that the elite still enjoy full impunity in Mexico, according to an editorial in La Opinión. The Mexican court ruled Thursday that the governor of Puebla did not violate the journalist's rights when he arrested her for defamation. Cacho's book, "The Demons of Eden" investigated the link between child sex rings and networks of powerful people in Mexico. The judges ruled 6-to-4 against the journalist, despite an investigation that found that at least 30 public officials, among them Gov. Mario Marín of Puebla State, had conspired to harass her. The ruling sends a shocking signal that even substantial evidence and resources can't bring authorities to justice in Mexico. The Supreme Court justices, editors write, neither protected Cacho's journalistic work nor her rights as a Mexican citizen.

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