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Psychedelic Mexicans Blast Bay Area 'Burb

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia , Review and Photo Essay, Walter Lopez Posted: May 27, 2009

Editor's Note: This Spring legendary Mexican rock band Zoe made a stop in the Bay Area and YO! contributor Walter Lopez managed to get in, interview guitarist Sergio and take some pics. Lopez, 22, is a contributor to YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia.

How does a seemingly subpar Thursday afternoon turn into a night to remember? The recipe to a memory started with favor from a friend: concert tickets, a camera and a press pass.

It turned out that one of my many partners in crime had succeeded in grabbing a few extra concert tickets to one of my favorite musical acts: Zoe, a Mexican rock group with psychedelic tunes. They were at the beginning of their American tour and were playing a small venue in Sunnyvale called Club Barcelona.

The tour is to promote their new album Reptilectric. I recommend this album to anyone who likes rock music, whether it be in English or Spanish. Zoes music is like a drug, but the only negative side effect is that it will leave you wanting more and more.

We arrived an hour and a half prior to the doors opening and immediately something felt too good to be true. There was no security and everyone else was too scared to venture inside the small venue. As we walked in, we tried to remain incognito and see what we can do in terms of not getting thrown out. We decided to act slyly and seat ourselves on the sofa as the others remained crowded around the stage - long story short, they got kicked out, and we enjoyed an hour of soundcheck.

Eventually we had to leave and get in line and all I could think about was a press pass. If I had a press pass, I would have been able to interview them with no hassle. Just as I was thinking out loud, a kind stranger next to me happened to have --you guessed it, a press pass! With my camera in hand and armed with a press pass, I proceeded to convince the security that myself and the holder of the press pass were together - I was in there like swimwear. I caught up with Sergio, the guitarist for Zoe and asked him a few questions.

YO: What do you guys hope to get from your second real American tour?

Sergio: Well, we hope to just play our music and reach new fans. We really dont know what to expect, it is exciting for us.

YO: What would you say the biggest difference between fans in Mexico or Latin America is opposed to fans here in the US?

Sergio: Ah well, I would definitely have to say that fans in Mexico or Latin America give you a little bit more of themselves. There is this euphoria and it is like they give you a piece of their heart or their soul. I dont know I cant explain it, but there is a lot more passion, not to take anything away from American fans they are great.

YO: So do you plan on making more songs in English?

Sergio: We have had two or three songs in English on our previous albums, but on Reptilectric we decided to keep it to Spanish only.

YO: Last question. Who has influenced your psychedelic sound?

Sergio: (Lighting a cigarette that was soon snatched from his mouth by the promotional manager.) Definitely Pink Floyd, The Concrete Roses and The Cure. There are a lot of bands but these influenced us quite a bit.

Listen to some of Zoe's music here.

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