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La Opinión, El Diario NY Endorse Obama

La Opinión, El Diario/La Prensa, Editorial, Staff Posted: Oct 18, 2008

Editor's Note: "Necessary Change" was the headline on the front page of New York's Spanish-language newspaper El Diario/La Prensa Friday, above a photo of a smiling Barack Obama. The newspaper, together with fellow impreMedia-owned La Opinión in Los Angeles, published an editorial endorsing Obama for president.

The United States is at a crossroads. The country needs a different vision and a new focus to the problems that have been dragging on for decades. Barack Obama is the right person to begin a new cycle of renewal as President of the United States.

The events that have transpired over the course of this campaign, the issues that have come up, together with his actions, reinforce the belief that Obama is the right leader for our time. The background of the Democratic Senator from Illinois, his policy proposals and his conduct make it plain that he has the character to take the reins of the nation.

Obama personifies the change this country needs. He has demonstrated that he is a different kind of Democrat, one with a profound social conscience, one who values the role of the individual as agent of change. Obama’s platform is practical, recognizing that there are no magical solutions, and that we will need the commitment and efforts of all of us.

In this regard, Senator McCain has been a disappointment. We supported him during the primaries last February as the most attractive Republican candidate, but he is not the same today as he used to be. He has replaced his moderation with a rigid ideological orientation to please his party’s conservative base. His attacks and negative tone of his campaign have taken the place of fresh ideas; many of his policy proposals are stale, recycled old recipes.

The war in Iraq is another area where a general mistrust is the rule, where confusion impedes the war against terrorism. Obama has made it clear that the main front is in Afghanistan, and that it is time to speed up the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and to invest in American, rather than Iraqi, infrastructure.
Healthcare is also a major concern for everybody. It is utterly unacceptable that millions of people must choose between illness or bankruptcy. Time and again we have said that medical coverage is a right which must be within reach for everybody. In this regard, Obama has made this issue his, pushing for a system whereby health insurance through employment is reinforced while universal coverage for children is required and the insurance industry is more effectively regulated.

Education, along with healthcare, is another crucial issue for Americans. Obama proposes improving public education and is realistic in his criticism of the federal "No Child Left Behind" program of the past several years. His proposals would bring more fairness, availability and quality to education.

Lastly, the immigration has not featured prominently in either presidential campaign. Both candidates have a decent record in this matter, although we feel that, in the present political climate, Obama would have the better chance to get comprehensive immigration passed.

This political campaign has served to clearly differentiate between both candidates’ policy proposals. The Democratic candidate favors the poor and the middle class. He has also shown that he has the character and temperament to occupy the White House. We believe his personal life history, his biracial awareness and his understanding of life in poor communities give him a unique perspective in tackling the issues facing the nation.

In contrast, Obama’s campaign has been outstand-ing in its positive tone, with fresh thinking and specific proposals. Priorities are clear and reflect voters’ concerns.

The economy, for example, which is now in a state of crisis, with fiscal deficits never seen before, could begin to sort itself out with a fairer tax policy. At the same time, clear priorities for investment in human capital would be established. This focus will help us recover the confidence now missing.

The United States finds itself at a historic juncture, with a popular outcry for change. Barack Obama provides the best choice for striking out on a new path. Vote for Barack Obama for President!

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