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NCM, Posted: Feb 12, 2002

Calitoday is a bilingual Vietnamese publication based in San Jose. Often referred to in the community as the "Vietnamese Newsweek," the magazine has a readership of 20,000 and covers everything from high-tech industry to affirmative action, to politics in Vietnam.

Calitoday has the hefty mandate of keeping tabs on the second largest population of Vietnamese overseas in Santa Clara county. It is a community that is rapidly evolving.

"Vietnamese overseas went from being losers of the Cold War to key players in the Information Age," says Editor Nam Nguyen, who came to the United States nine years ago. "Our relationship with Vietnam has changed, as well. Once we were the unwanted; now we have the technical know-how that could make our homeland leapfrog into the 21st century."

1040 The Alameda, #D
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 297-8271
Fax: (408) 297-3654
Web site:
Founded: 1997.
Editor: Nam Ngyuen

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