Acupuncture and Chinese Healing in U.S. Health Reform?

Sing Tao Daily, Posted: Aug 02, 2009

TEMPLE CITY, California The Sing Tao Daily reports that Chinese medicine and acupuncture groups are pushing for their health services to be included in the national health care reform. President of the Council of Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Associations An Yue Li believes Asian Americans who use Chinese medicine as a treatment should be covered. Chinese medicine has become an affordable treatment for many people as the cost for traditional treatment is increasing. Moreover, the groups are advocating for federal bill HR 646, which proposes to include similar services in Medicare. U.S. congressmembers Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff support both initiatives. There are about 26,000 people practicing Chinese medicine in the United States, and 16,000 of them are in California.

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