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Iranian Perspectives on Three American Captives

New America Media/Mosaic , News Report, Posted: Nov 11, 2009

Editor's Note: Three young Americans--Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal--being held in Iran after reportedly mistakenly crossing the border with Kurdistan were charged with spying this week, an allegation their families, supporters and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton have denied. Their capture comes at a time when Iran is engaged in negotiations with the United States and other nations over its nuclear program, leading many to presume that the American captives have become unwitting pawns in the international political drama.

The following is a transcript of a BBC Arab news segment broadcast on Link TV by Mosaic:World News from the Middle East, titled, "Iran Charges 3 Americans with espionage." (To view the clip, click on the highlighted link.

Presenter, Female #1
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that an investigation is ongoing on the allegations that the three American hikers had committed additional violations besides illegally crossing the Iranian border.The families of the three Americans have denied that they were involved in espionage, reiterating that they were tourists in northern Iraq.

Guest, Male #1 (Mottaki)
Normally, an investigation is conducted in all cases based on simple allegations. The important thing is the final verdict, which will be released by the judicial authorities. The obvious violation is: illegally crossing the western borders. A judiciary investigation is being conducted on the other alleged violations.

Reporter, Male #1
The three Americans held by the Iranian authorities may have been enjoying their final dance before being arrested on the charge of illegal entry into Iran. Their fourth friend, who was staying with them in this hotel in Sulaiman city in Kurdistan, Iraq, did not go with them on their last trip.But he received a phone call from them, briefly saying that they got into trouble with soldiers who did not speak Arabic or Kurdish. An official announcement quoted the Iranian general prosecutor saying that the three Americans have been accused of espionage. The Iranian president said that they will be brought to court.

Guest, Male #2 (Ahmedinejad)
Every country punishes those who cross its borders illegally. Therefore, they should stand trial and answer the courts questions. I hope that they did not have any bad intentions, and I hope that the matter does not turn into a problem. But the case is in the hands of the judicial system.

Reporter, Male #1
But in Iran, some people doubt the official story.

Guest, Male #3 (Ordinary Iranian)
I dont believe that they are spies. If they were, they would not have crossed the border wearing sport outfits.

Reporter, Male #1
The non-believers say that Iran fabricated the case to open a new door to dialogues with the West. This was achieved indeed. The US Secretary of State sent out a call from Berlin to the Iranian government.

Guest, Female #1 (Clinton)
We believe strongly that there is no evidence to support any of the allegations. We renew a request on behalf of the three young people and their families that the Iranian government exercise compassion and release them so they can return home.

Reporter, Male #1
Some believe that Tehran may use this case to pressure the US and the West on the nuclear issue. The Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad had said in a statement to the American NBC network two months ago that the release of the three Americans may be connected to the release of Iranian diplomats held by the US forces in Iraq. Ahmed Shaikh, BBC.

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