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Pacquiao Buries De La Hoya

La Opinin, News Report, Rafael Ramos Villagrana, Translated by Elena Shore Posted: Dec 07, 2008

LAS VEGAS -- The Filipino tsunami was relentless.

Eight rounds of persistent, ruthless punishment by a master of defense, speed and attacks, with the left-handed predator the target of his offensive.

Oscar De La Hoya decided not to go on to the ninth round. He was defeated and felt defeated. Any further punishment would have been a slow form of suicide... personal and professional.

Manny Pacquiao demolished the fantasy of Oscar de la Hoya: He was a resounding demonstration of power.

In rounds 5, 6 and 7, there will always be doubt as to whether Manny was showing mercy with De La Hoya or, on the contrary, prolonging his rivals punishment, delighting in watching the arrogant figure go down.

Speed, precision and a sharp left hook were the basis of the Filipinos victory, disproving all the theories, all the hours of practice and talk, that said that Oscar was the antidote, the vaccine, for the Filipino.

Another one with Aztec blood to the trophy room of the Mexicutioner.

At the end of the fight, De La Hoya recognized the superiority of his executioner: "I couldnt control him," he said. "I couldnt stop his momentum.

"Pacquiao is a great fighter, a winner, the best pound-for-pound. Not only could I not stop him but I couldnt hurt him, couldnt connect, he was always moving out of my reach. Sometimes he seemed to be able guess where I was going to throw my next punch," he said.

De la Hoya said that he has not decided if he will retire. "I'm going to think about it, I'm going to talk with my family, with my partners. Ill decide in the next few weeks," he added.

Manny Pacquiao was brief and to the point: "The plan was always to attack, he said. I hit him hard and I saw in his face that I could finish the fight soon. His face was swollen and felt the pain of every punch."

"I have to say that Oscar is a great champion, a great fighter, a figure in boxing and tonight I was better than him, I was faster and more effective," Pacquiao explained calmly with measured words.

"The decision to stop the fight was mine," confessed coach Nacho Beristin. "I wasnt going to let him drag down his prestige. He didnt deserve to go out like that, so I stopped the fight, because he didnt have control, and there was no way to win."

"Oscar could never avoid Pacquiaos left hook. It was superior, he said.

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