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Why All This Railing Against the Government Now?

Black America Web.com, Commentary, Gregory P. Kane Posted: Aug 17, 2009

So, NOW people are angry?

Ive spent the past two weeks wondering if Ive somehow been teleported to an alternate universe. I pick up the paper, turn on the television or listen to news broadcasts on the radio, and all say the same thing: Angry Americans are showing up, en masse, at town hall meetings devoted to discussing health-care reform legislation to voice their opposition.

And what are their objections?

Its too expensive; its unconstitutional; and it may force them to give up their current health-insurance coverage to go with a government-run plan.

True on all three counts. I have to admit that the third point is the most convincing. Im not terribly impressed by what the federal government has done with education. Whenever the thought of the federal government getting involved in the health-care business crosses my mind, I make plans for my funeral.

(My nine-year-old granddaughter recently told her mom that she wanted to visit my wife and me every weekend to bond with my grandparents before they die. Either the kid knows something we dont, or she knows what federal government meddling in health care will lead to.)

As for the first two objections: Where, exactly, were these people last year, when then-President George W. Bush was doling out our tax dollars to three major car companies? Wasnt that expensive? Didnt that cost our government money it didnt have? Wasnt that unconstitutional?

And since these folks want to hold one Barack Hussein Obama to the spirit and letter of the Constitution, Id better not learn that some or most of these nimrods support the war in Iraq. In my copy of the U.S. Constitution, under the section that clearly says Powers Granted To Congress, is item 11: The Congress shall have the power to declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.

Anybody remember Congress declaring war on Iraq? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, I thought not.

Theres an inconsistency and, I daresay, hypocrisy in these anti-health care reform protests that I find disturbing. They should have directed the same anger at Bush when he gave money to the car companies, and to President Obama when he signed on to bail out companies like AIG.

Well, Obama did take a little heat for that one, but not like what hes taking now. But if I have to see my tax dollars go for something, Id rather see them go to help get health care for those who need it, rather than to a bunch of executives at companies that helped wreck the economy.

And notice the phrasing I used. I didnt say Id rather see my tax dollars go to help get health INSURANCE for those who need it. I said health care. Theres a difference. And anybody whose had his or her health care nickeled and dimed by HMOs or health insurance companies knows what Im talking about.

Ive had two primary care physicians since I joined my first HMO years ago. Both told me that they spent as much time on the phone arguing with representatives of HMOs or health insurance companies about treatment and medication for their patients as they did caring for their patients. HMOs and health insurance companies have been notorious for not approving this procedure or that one, this treatment or medication or that one, or for not wanting to cover certain medications. And we all know they regularly practice what Obama has been accusing them of all along: Not covering people with pre-existing conditions.

One of those pre-existing conditions is diabetes. Considering how this disease disproportionately affects black Americans, one could argue that insurance companies that dont cover people who have the pre-existing condition of diabetes are, in effect, practicing a form or racism. At the very least, those companies practice a policy that has a disparate impact on the health of a large number of African-Americans.

Im astounded that our black misleaders whove made a career out of finding racism in nearly everything and anything else havent made this argument. But those whove hinted there may be racial motivations in the anti-health care reform protests may be in the right ballpark.

At the very least, those protesters have some splaining to do about why they failed to hold Bush to the same standards they now want to hold Obama.

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