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Letters to Haiti

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentary , Various Authors Posted: Feb 04, 2010

Editor's Note: As Haiti begins the long road toward recovery, incarcerated youth from The Beat Within in Washington D.C wrote letters of encouragement and condolences to young people in Haiti.

Letters for Haiti,
H is for Hell because thats what you going through
A is for Angel because God got his hands on you
I is for Intelligence because you learn from what youve been through
T is for Time because thats whats going to heal you
I is for Infinite because you will live on forever.
- Dennis

Dear Haiti,
I cannot say that I feel the pain cause I never had nothin that tragic happen to me in my life. I dont have any money right now cause I'm in a secured facility, but I do have something to say about your situation. I dont really know where to start cause its so much rushing through my head about whats happening right now in your country. I do understand that Im blessed and there is a God looking down watching over me as Hes watching over you to stay strong. Hold on. I keep you in my prayers. Hopefully, one day, our God will put an end to your rainy days. I realized that your country has been in need before the earthquake and it took for God to send an earthquake for people to start to pay attention and send money and blessings to your country. Just hold on, be patient and one day God will put an end to the rainy days. And the families and friends who have been lost, deceased, or injured from the earthquake. Stay strong, hold on. For me, just bein a child that heard about the situation that happened, I can say that Im blessed for everything God did for me even though Im in a secured facility. Dont give up, never give up, and put things in Gods hands and everything will work according to Gods plan. Love u. Stay strong and I will keep u in prayers.

How I See Haiti,
My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Haiti,
Hows it going? From my eyes, I see things arent going pretty well. Im writing this letter to let you all know that Im feeling the pain that you all are feeling, but in a different way. I sent you all $130 so you all to have meals and shelter/clothing. I really dont know what to tell you all, but what I could say is hold on and stay strong and dont worry. Im sending you all money every chance I get, but I love you all and continue on surviving.

If I can give all I have to Haiti, I would give it from my heart. They wouldnt have to repay me, so for all the Haitians going through the pain and struggle, keep pushin. There is somebody who believes in you and loves you. Haiti, keep your heap up and try to work together, so through any storm you can stand tall in the weather, so just pray and hold on.

Dear Haiti,
This is one of your worst times of sorrow. Im sending my love to let brothers and sisters of my descent know that someone cares. A fatal incident has happened and I hope you all will stay strong and fight through this time. This letter is to show you that now where we are or what we do, we must come together as one. This is only happening to show yall that you have help all around the world, that we as people feel pain from miles away. Thanks for this chance to show you how I feel. To our brothers and sisters in Haiti, stay strong.

Dear Youngins in Haiti,
Im sorry about what happened to you, your family and friends. And even the people who you all didnt get along with. Here at New Beginnings, weve sent money to all of yall. We all look forward to seeing everybody progress and be able to stay strong. We encourage you all to stay productive and make nothing but positive out of the situation.

Thats messed up how people are dying over there. And people go nowhere. People get shot and killed. People get shot with their kids. A lot of people need to fight for their lives. People need to survive. And people also need to eat good food such as fruit and meats. I think everybody needs to donate at least 60 dollars. Black people need to come together as a whole. As unity, the police need to get the people checked out.

A Bad Situation Got Worse,
Thats messed up what happened in Haiti because little kids have already been starving. Then they get an earthquake that made their whole situation get worse. Now they eat dirt cookies and drink sewer water to survive.
- Dre

Prayer for Haiti,
Me, Sergio, I feel sorry for what is going on in Haiti. I hope everything gets better, but everything is going to be ok. Just pray and pray.

Dear People of Haiti,
I hope something good comes out of this, man, you know. They say trouble dont last. Try to picture it as a way to overcome a situation; learn from it. Dont take is as a loss.
- Andre

Letter to the People of Haiti,
Hi, my name is Rudy Martinez. I am one of the students who donated money to help the people affected by the bad situation in Haiti. I know how you are feeling in Haiti right now, because the same happened in my country (El Salvador) in 2001. I lost my family, my house and many things important to me. But the only thing I can tell you is that you have to keep looking forward. I am very sad because I know how much it hurts to lose a family member and everything we have. But I want to tell all the people in Haiti: you should look forward and never lose hope.
- Rudy

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