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What Do Black Conservatives Want to Conserve?

Black America Web.com, Commentary, Gregory P. Kane Posted: Jul 23, 2009

Raven Wyatt is only five years old. Remember her age. Its pertinent to this story.

Ravens photo has been in local newspapers and flashed across television screens in newscasts here in Bodymore, Murderland. Shes cute, precious and adorable.

Shes also clinging to her life in a Baltimore hospital.

In early July, Raven took a bullet to the head. Police have arrested 17-year-old Lamont Harris and charged him with the crime.

According to police, Harris got into a street fight. Apparently, his opponent opened up a can of the proverbial whup-ass on him. Unlike in my day, when 17-year-old guys took their beat downs like men and then went about their business, getting clocked was too much for Harris. He left the scene and returned with a handgun.

Harris then allegedly now, since he hasnt been convicted fired at his opponent. His marksmanship being even worse than either his judgment or his fighting skills, Harris missed the target and hit Raven, who was walking across the street.

Even if Harris isnt the guilty party, there is enough about him that is still pertinent to where Im going with this. Hes a career criminal at the age of 17. His first arrest came when he was 10 10, mind you years old. He has been arrested for drug dealing, robbery and carjacking.

The day Raven was shot, Harris wasnt even supposed to be on the street. He was supposed to be in his home, confined there after fessing up to a robbery. Attached to his ankle was a bracelet used to monitor his whereabouts. It came with a transmitter that was supposed to allow juvenile authorities to tell where he was within minutes if he went off the grid.

Harris didnt even have to undo the ankle bracelet. He just left the transmitter at his house while he went to his girlfriends house. Once he was out of range of the transmitter, juvenile authorities had no clue about where he was.

Harris girlfriend is 16. She has an eight-month-old daughter. Guess who the daddy is? The girlfriend, Dynashaya Hall, knows exactly where Harris was when Baltimore police finally caught up with him.

We was in bed together, Hall told a Baltimore television reporter. There was no hint of shame or embarrassment in Halls voice. Her daughter, whom Hall held in her arms, seemed to have the sense of shame apparently absent in her parents. The infant kept her face turned away from the camera the entire time she and Hall were being filmed.

Now lets sum things up. Little girl, five years old, shot in the head. Suspect is a 17-year-old black male with a lengthy criminal record. He has an eight-month-old child with a 16-year-old girl, which means the time of conception was about 17 months ago. That means Harris was 16, perhaps even 15, when the child was conceived and that Hall was 15, maybe even 14.

The student body of any school for the blind could easily see whats wrong with this picture. Its a bleak one. And its one Im going to refer to whenever those black folks with liberal leanings ask me, as a black conservative, What do you want to conserve? How about those days when black children could walk across the street without taking a bullet to the head?

When I was six years old, I lived in West Baltimore, at a house that was a good 20 to 30-minute walk from Pennsylvania Avenue. That thoroughfare was the heart of the black community in West Baltimore, the venue of a plethora of nightclubs, the world-renowned Royal Theater and no fewer than five other moviehouses.

Saturdays usually found me and my siblings hunkered down in one of those theaters watching the latest movies. One Saturday, I got separated from my siblings, and they went home without me. (When youre the quietest of a brood of six, thatll happen to you.) Since I knew where I lived and how to get there, I decided to make the trek home by myself.

I have a grandson wholl turn six in November. I wouldnt dream of having him walk that same itinerary alone today. Nor would most other parents in this city. The time when we could and would is one of many things Id like to conserve.

Heres another: the notion that a girl of 14 or 15 shouldnt have sex, shouldnt get pregnant and, if she positively must do either of these things, at least have the darned good sense to pick a guy who is not a career thug.

Its not a question of what black conservatives want to conserve. Black Americans, up until the 1960s, had a tradition of values and morality that they cherished. The question is why black liberals want those values kicked to the curb.

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