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Young People to Jin Cheng Yu -- Keep Your Head Up

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia , Commentary, Various Authors Posted: Apr 23, 2010

"Call the Police Because Officers Exist to Serve and Protect Us"

To Mr. Jin Cheng Yu,

I am very sorry to hear about the death of your pops. He was a brave man. He loved the heck out of you to be that old and still want to protect you the way he did. I just wish you could have left your father out of this. I don't want to make you feel bad so I will say that you did what you knew how to do. Its not your fault as much as the guys who did it. Karma is a mutha and these young men are going to get whats coming their way.

I want you to know that youre not alone, that incidents like this unfortunately happen all the time. People pick on certain individuals who they know are weak and cant fight back.

Those who feel like their life is in danger and feel scared should call the police because officers exist to serve and protect us.

I hope you dont do anything regrettable because of your fathers death. Try to keep a sane mind and let your father rest in peace. Do what you can to stay safe and out of harm's way. Lets just keep your father in our prayers and hope hes watching over you.

I was once like one of these young suspects who randomly attacked Mr. Yu. I got stuck with a lot of stiff consequences for my actions and I paid heavily for them. Let the law handle these young men. Im sure that authorities will take the necessary actions needed to ensure some closure for you, even though I know what youre going through isnt easy.
-- Amanze Emenike, 22


"I Know How Hard It Is to Cope with Death"

Dear Jin Cheng Yu,

Sorry that you and your father were victims of crime. People who commit crimes like this one are most likely from bad neighborhoods and grew up without parental guidance. They probably didnt go out intending to beat you up, but their anger somehow got directed your way.

This is pretty common for cities like Oakland. There are hundreds of youth walking around all day looking for trouble. You just happen to be in the right place at the wrong time.

People who commit crimes like this one should spend time in prison. There shouldnt be any way around that. But know that not all black people are the same. People assume Im a criminal because Im black. But Im not a criminal.

To be honest, I dont know what it would be like to be in your position right now. Ive never been assaulted. These young men perceived you as a vulnerable person and took advantage of you.
Some of my close friends died in the last three weeks. I know how hard it is to cope with death. I get upset and want to let my anger out, but I know its not the best choice to act out. If I do, I might end up in jail just like these suspects.

Taking time for myself has helped me deal with these deaths. Ive been resting and talking to supportive people who truly care about me. Keep your head up.
-- Kavon Jones, 16

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