Thai Boxer Wins California Golden Gloves Tournament

Asian Week, Posted: Apr 15, 2008

Walter Sarnoi, a first-generation Thai-American, won the California State Golden Gloves Tournament last week in Los Angeles, Calif., earning him a spot in the National Golden Gloves Tournament.

Sarnoi, who has been ranked as one of the top six boxers in the nation and has three titles, was a member of the US Boxing National Team. After spending seven months training with the Thai Olympic Boxing team, Sarnoi is prepared for his professional career.

“Nothing makes me happier than when I’m in the ring," said Sarnoi, known as "Skool Boy" in the ring. "My parents pushed school and I’m grateful for that. But I realized that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one thing and I want to be an inspiration to others.” Sarnoi has a degree in finance from Northern Michigan University.

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