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How to Bail Out of Economic Fears

Los Angeles Sentinel, Commentary, Janet Alston Jackson Posted: Nov 07, 2008

We hear a lot about the national financial crisis and the Wall Street bail out. Whether we feel the crunch or not, one cant help but to get caught up in the fears and hysteria that seems to be all around us. However, we cant allow ourselves to be swept up in the panic. We have to ask ourselves, How does this fear serve me? It doesnt. Is what I fear going to come true? Maybe not. Experts say most of the things we fear never come true.

When we allow our minds to run rampant with fear, we find ourselves deeper in pain. These fears turn into toxins causing our bodies to become ill. No matter what our financial situation may be, running fear will not improve it. But staying calm can help us keep in touch with our higher selves which always knows how to keep us safe, and directs us to positive outcomes. Remember, you are the master of your thoughts and body. Boldly and courageously take a stand. Bail out from fear. In other words, refuse to allow your mind to terrorize you. Here are small steps you can take to keep balance:

If you read the news, dont drown yourself in the negatives. Get the headlines, read some of the article, or listen to the top of the hour news stories. Then, turn off the television, fold up the paper, or get off of the news web sites.

Change your Internet home page. For example if you turn on your computer and Google news is staring you in the face with horror stories, change to Google Search so that the headlines dont ambush you, especially the first thing in the morning..

Dont commiserate with others over the news. But be sensitive to their fears. They may be going through devastating financial problems and theyre scared. So try to gently help them look on the bright side without belittling their problems. Remember, you are a light for others, but refuse to allow yourself to be sucked into their stuff. It doesnt help them or you.

Entertain your mind with comedies. Laughter allows you to release nervous tensions.

Try to get outside daily. Take a walk during lunch or after work. Let the fresh air cleanse you. You are made up of the same elements as plants and trees, therefore being in nature resets your internal clock, purifies thoughts, and revitalizes your energy.

Instead of going to lunch every work day with the same panic-stricken people, go by yourself. Eating lunch with fear doesnt help your digestion. So beware that many people are going through stress, and office gossip is a way some people take their minds off their problems. You dont need to be engaged in that kind of negativity. Be the light for others.

Listen to your iPod at lunch instead of other people complaining.

Align yourself with people and information that will uplift you.

Exercise daily. Keep your energy moving to stave off depression..

Stay in tune with what is going on inside of you. Try not to eat your feelings, shop away your feelings, drink your feelings, or drug your feelings. Remember this only intensifies your pain when they wear off.

Nurture those fearful feelings like you would a small frighten child. Tell them, I love you. Remember, there is a small child in each of us who is scared. Find ways to coddle yourself.

Listen to your thoughts. Beware of the haunting ego mind that tells you, Were all doomed. Im going broke, The nation is collapsing. Question those thoughts with, Is this really the truth? Do I know this to be what is really true?

Send love to those thoughts. Dont argue with them, just be the witness. They will dissolve on their own. Be aware that others will come in their place. But keep vigilant. This is being mindful. Thich Nhat Hahn, one of the greatest Zen Masters, and our teacher, says when fear comes up, say to yourself, Hello Fear. How are you today? This is being aware of what is going on inside of you. When we ignore fear, it becomes stronger. Allow it to come up, and let it leave. Its just energy. Does it take effort? Yes. It may be a new practice to youd. Sometimes we have to do this over and over all day long until our mind gets the message. Your mind is going to try to tell you this is too much trouble. It loves chaos. So, ask yourself, How much is my peace of mind worth? Taking the time will help you in the long run.

When you hear of other peoples crisis, bless them. Dont analyze their problems by trying to figure out why. This only pulls you emotionally into the hole. Instead, send them love, and dont allow your mind to say, It could happen to me too. A lot of things could happen to you if you live in fear, this is the law of attraction. Be careful what you entertain in your mind.

Place a spiritual or peaceful pictures as your wallpaper on your computer and cell phone reminding you to stay peaceful.

If you are dealing with financial problems, refuse to allow your mind to terrorize you with more fear. Know you will find a way. and that this too, shall pass.

Visit www.SportingtheRightAttitude.com to sign up for weekly inspirational messages. To learn how to release fears and worry go to www.ReleaseTechnique.com/Sporting.

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