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Giving Thanks During Hard Times

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentaries: Various Authors // Audio: Malcolm Marshall and Donny Lumpkins // Video: Valerie Klinker, Posted: Nov 27, 2009

Editor's Note: This Thanksgiving YO! asked young people what they were thankful for this year despite the hardships that have arisen in their lives. PLUS: Valerie Klinker vlogs on what Thanksgiving really means to her as a Native American. Donny Lumpkins is a content producer and Malcolm Marshall is the producer of YO!Radio.

AUDIO: YO!Radio hit the streets to ask young folks what they're thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Old Traditions, New Families

I'm spending Thanksgiving this year with my wife. Usually I spend it with my extended family, and this is the first time I've ever spent any holiday away from them. It feels kinda funny, but I think it would be good for me because I feel I should try something different.

My family is like God to me, and I have a big family. For me, it means my son, my wife, my mother's side, my daddy's side, my in-laws on my wife's mother's side, and my godmother's family. Last year we hopped from home to home. We're not this year, though, and I'm very grateful to smile and live anther day 'cause my brother, who recently passed, can't. I'm mostly thankful for my baby boy to be here and celebrate this Thanksgiving with his mommy.

-- Dawn Davis

YO!Blogger: Valerie Klinker discusses her thoughts on Thanksgiving and why she only calls it Turkey day.

Good Food and Bad Habits

I'm not really thankful for anybody in my community. I don't even hang out in my neighborhood like that any more.

I stay across the bridge, and I don't be in the jets like that, but I hang with my partners from the jets. We chill were ever we feel comfortable. My community did not help me in this past year, it helped me get into trouble and that's about it. I only learned bad habits in my neighborhood while I was growing up.

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving this year by going to eat and chill with family. Who I consider family is my son, mom, dad, baby mama, brother, nieces, nephews, and my right hand. I'll eat at home with my mama and other family members, then I'm going to chill with my son and my baby mama.

Then I'm going to leave and go to my baby mama's house and chill with my son and her family. This is my first Thanksgiving with my son and I'm happy to see how he reacts to being around some of his family. It doesn't really change Thanksgiving for me, it just make it a little better because I have a son that I'm chilling with.

I'm thankful for my son and my family that's helping me raise my son. I'm thankful for just living and breathing.

-- Ricky Rollins

It's a Family Affair

I'm thankful for everyone--all my family, and friends and associates I've met this past year who've helped me through my trials and tribulations.

Normally, on Thanksgiving I'm up early helping around the house, cleaning what needs to be cleaned. Afterward, I get dressed and start my day.

I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving this year with my family and friends. I won't be in a specific place. I'm trying to enjoy the hiliday with everyone I'm grateful for.

-- Sherry Blunt


Thanksgiving is a day for everyone to stop and be grateful for what they have. On a typical Thanksgiving morning my mom and dad are in the kitchen cooking. There's an aroma of herbs and spices that fills the house. So the house smells lovely as soon as I open my bedroom door.

My sister does her best to help out but I don't cook, so I usually wait around watching the turkey day marathons until my mom tells me it is time to go to an aunt or uncle's house. My dad does not get along with my mother's family so we always leave him behind and don't meet up with him 'till later that night. I used to feel bad, but I'm used to it now.

My aunts cook all types of food so I never know what we are going to eat each year. My mom keeps it traditional and always makes the turkey. My sister and I always go to Nations to pick up pies.

I guess I'm a Thanksgiving-hopper because after we leave my mother's side of the fam we visit my grandmother and reunite with my pops. I love Thanksgiving day because I see all my fam, and everyone is in their best mood.

-- Angelica Arreola

Super Bowl for Eating

Someone I'm thankful for is my partner, Nina. She's very reliable and she's always got my back. I met Nina in West Oakland. Whenever I tension with someone, she's ready to act up! Nina has a brother and we call him Dirty Harry because he's filthy.

Nina had a positive impact on my life by keeping me away from haters, and encouraging me to smash on suckas. I've known Nina since I was 14. One time I got into anargumentwith someone, and Nina was by my side. I just felt like I wasn't taking shit from anyone. The dude thought he was tough but I wasn't worried about that.

I'm very close to my community -- Hunter's Point (HP) and my community supports me. If I really needed some help myallies would support me.

I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my friends and family, the people I grew up with and my immediate family. On Thanksgiving, I will be waking up to a fat breakfast that includes pancakes, bacon, biscuits and all the trimmings.

After that I'll probably hang out with the family, beat up my little cousins, play games, and of course watch the annual NFL game on TV. Dinner will be ready around 5. That's going to be the Super Bowl for eating. Come prepared.

When I'm done eating I'll step outside for a minute, take a smoke break then get back to eating.

-David Cunningham

New Coasts and Horizons

This year I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving formally with family, food and liquor like normal. My family lives on the East Coast. So different family members from my husband's side of the family have invited me to their homes for Thanksgiving. He's locked up and I feel funny about going without him; it's going to be awkwardfor me.

So I'm going spend the day at the masjid and make salat study and celebrate then Eid-al-adha on Friday.

I have a lot to begratefulfor so here's my list: family, life, my ability to communicate, Getting to go back to NYC in December, getting to go see my husband in Reno, letters Ireceive, my job, having money to pay the bills, shelter, a queen-size bed, the clothes on my back, the shoes on my feet, yoga, meditation, books, knowledge, education, animals, plants, earth, peace, love, blessings, and myself.

-- Silent

Turkey, Mentors, and Community

One person in my community that I am thankful for is my Aunt Shan. I'm thankful for her because she always does things for the youth when holidays come around.

She also has a center called the West Oakland Community Center, where kids can go to hang out, play games, and learn new things. It's located a couple of blocks away from West Oakland Bart. I've never volunteered there, but I have done some community service.

On top of that, she's a great mentor and she's always there to help people when they really need it. She's had a big impact on my life because she's doing the right things to keep kids off the streets. It teaches me how to give back to the community and how good it feels to help teens out.

It's more inspiring than anything.

However, I don't feel that my community has my full support because my aunt does a lot herself, and no one helps. Occasionally, they do support, but it's not a huge community effort with multiple leaders.

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving this year with my family, like always. I consider family and friends my neighbors and people who are close friends and have been in the family for many years, in one way or another.

When I get up in the morning, I'll help my mom prepare the dinner. Then I get all the kids ready, and then get ready myself. I stay at my mom's house for Thanksgiving because I feel that no one can cook like her so I don't "Thanksgiving-hop."

-- Kendra Davis

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