Fashion Magic -- Designers New and Old Show their 'Wears' in Las Vegas

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Editor's Note: Twice a year the hip hop and fashion community desend on Las Vegas to make the deals that will determine what people on the streets will wear. Ann Bassette and Min Lee are editor's at YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia

Unless you live under a fashionless rock you know about the MAGIC Fashion Show Expo in Las Vegas…it’s only one of the biggest meeting places for designer, retailers, wholesalers and fashion houses all trying to make deals. It comes around twice a year, and YO!TV made it out for the February 2006 edition.

From Baby Phat to Sean John to all the little no-name brands trying to make a difference; everyone was in Las Vegas. At Magic you get to see what people think you might buy before it even hits the stores, before it’s even in season.

Aisles fill up the entire convention center, so there’s plenty of walking to do. Everyone wants you at their booth, and they’ll do what it takes to get you to take a look.

Booths are hyped with major and minor celebrities, sick cars and fine women. The professional wholesalers come in business suits while folks just trying to meet some stars come in their flyest hip hop gear.

No name rapper’s are outside with stacks of CDs in hand, passing out albums to whoever will take one. YO! found some rappers who brought their entire personal collection of Jordan’s in a rolling suitcase to the Air Jordan booth where an actual physical shoe timeline is displayed, starting with the first Jordan’s -- made 1984. The Bronx’s own Sedgwick & Cedar bring you all of that authentic hip hop gear inspired by rap pioneers like DJ Kool Herc. Real old school club/show flyers are printed on the shirts and b-boys and girls bust a moves live at their booth.

DUB Magazine drove up and displayed the kinds of cars only hip hop stars can sport; flashy, hard, and completely impractical -- with tv’s in the trunk. Gimme that ’06 candy orange Charger with Lamborghini doors any day of the week.

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I just finished Jenna Jameson’s biography and saw that she was supposed to be at the ICUP Inc. booth, but she flaked so I had some other porn stars from Vivid sign some posters. Ish from West Coast Customs was there -- the clan that works with Xzibit and the Pimp My Ride crew. He’s the homey, cool and down to take pictures. Dudes who can turn pieces of s--t cars into classics make me melt, especially if they go VROOM.

Rumors about Paul Wall and his new line gold grills for kids were whispered -- while some places showed you how to cheat. They were selling gold grills that you just pop on over your teeth with a metal tab on the back to bend and keep in place.

Nelly, the multi-platinum rapper from East St. Louis is the man who got gold teeth radio play with his hit “Grillz”, introduced his new extended line of Applebottom clothes, now catering to tweens and younger. It might not have been ‘grill day’, but it was a day to show off the Applebottom girls finalists, hand picked by Nelly himself.

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The girls wear sashes representing their towns, from LA to Charlotte, along with the signature bottoms that give those with a little something extra comfort. “I think every woman has something sexy about them, and it’s up to them to have the confidence to be able to enjoy,” Nelly commented on the clothes that are meant for those with a little more junk in the trunk, hence the name, Applebottom. The lingerie, shoe, handbag and belt lines are in the process of being created. Soon woman and girls, can be completely fitted in Nelly gear.

Some booths are snooty because they know the exact season of your shoe, as well as which designer created it before it got bit by Target.

The retro Rockabilly look is coming back hard for those who like to sport a dark hair, high bangs and red lipstick. Stop Staring is making the clothing line that enhances the 8-hour glass figure with polka-dotted prints, cuffed shoulders and collared dresses. The body parts may be covered, but the imagination goes wild for the Betty Page look-a-likes.

I thought the Playboy symbol is out of fashion, but then they come out with new s--t. This season: sexy high-heels and girly watches are the key items, along with the usual clothing with the bunny emblem. I approve of the revival; wearing sex symbols is fun.

I chopped it up with the Miskeen Originals artists as they designed t-shirts on site. Puffy characters sculpt the hand-painted fashion, and the urban lives of the artists influence the art. Maverick, a long-time employee of Miskeen, explains, “I’ve been doing it for so long, there’s no inspiration to it, it’s just a job. It’s fun to do all these different things, but you gotta be a hustler.”

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From a neighborhood where drama and drug trafficking are common, this North Phillian is putting his attention on new things. “You can’t ever limit yourself to one thing, to one job.”

I also spent time thinking about how 2pac died, and where. I wanted to at least look at the corner, if not drive thru it. It’s almost been a complete 10 years since his Vegas murder, and now they’re selling him on clothes- MAKAVELI Branded. Shoes, backpacks and shirts with 2pac’s face, concert photos, and more are gonna be sold in over 32 states.

And I got to see it all first.

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Creed on Apr 28, 2006 at 03:11:49 said:

Whats up people what are guys doing cuz!

nicole on Mar 30, 2006 at 05:42:46 said:

I like the content of this story. It makes me wanna buy some grillz, wear applebottom clothes, and fly to Vegas for the next MAGIC fashion show expo




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