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Editorial: San Francisco Mayor Lost

El Mensajero, Editorial, Mara Antonieta Meja, Translated by Elena Shore Posted: Sep 23, 2008

Editor's Note: The editor of the Spanish-language newspaper El Mensajero in San Francisco wonders why Mayor Gavin Newsom seems to gave lost his way when it comes to Latino immigrants. The mayor recently revised San Francisco's sanctuary city law to allow the city to turn over undocumented minors convicted of crimes to federal immigration authorities. He also postponed the city's plan to grant IDs to residents regardless of their immigration status.

SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom appears to have taken control of his personal life: He recently got married and hasn't been admitted to a rehab clinic again. But he seems to have gotten on the wrong path in the decisions he has made about the Latino immigrant community.
Maria MejaMara Antonieta Meja, editor of El Mensajero
On Sept. 4 the San Francisco Chronicle, which Newsom surely reads, reported that the mayor decided to delay the implementation of the plan to grant Municipal IDs to city residents regardless of their immigration status -- a measure that would benefit both undocumented immigrants and other vulnerable groups such as seniors and the transgender community.

The reason for this delay, he argued, is the need to revise the sanctuary law, which lately has caused some headaches for the mayor.

It would appear that with this decision, Newsom is trying to get the attention of conservative and anti-immigrant groups, who represent a large number of votes if he decides to launch his candidacy for governor of California.

Of course, why would Newsom care about the undocumented immigrant community, who cant vote, when he can earn the affection of those who dont like us but can vote?

Hopefully Newsom will reconsider his decision and get back on the right path with respect to the immigrant community. We hope he does not give in to the pressure from conservative groups who only want to divide this country and turn San Francisco into a city that does not give refuge to those who need it most.

My advice to Newsom is to stop trying to destroy the few resources in favor of undocumented immigrants that exist in San Francisco, and start trying to resolve the issue of violence that has increased in recent weeks in the Latino Mission district.

That deserves an immediate response. The lack of attention to this problem reflects, in my opinion, a kind of disregard for the Latino community. I wonder, if the deaths had taken place in the financial district, in Pacific Heights or in another neighborhood of San Francisco, would his response be this apathetic?

We look forward to your reply, Mr. Newsom.

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