Latinos Soldiers Lead in Iraq Deaths Among Soldiers of Color

El Tiempo Latino, Posted: Mar 23, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Deaths among Latino soldiers in Iraq rank the highest compared to other minority groups, reports Spanish-language weekly El Tiempo Latino, on the fourth anniversary of the war. President Bush signed a decree five years ago that accelerated the citizenship process for immigrants who serve in the Iraq War, according to the report. The Hispanic War Veterans of America is now lobbying for the government to grant citizenship to soldiers before deployment, rather than after they return from war. The group noted cases in which soldiers who were promised citizenship have died in combat before becoming U.S. citizens. This change would ensure that soldiers’ families would not face deportation if the soldier were killed while serving in the U.S. military. The Pentagon has registered 332 deaths among Latino soldiers according to the report, compared to 299 African-American and 56 Asian-American deaths. Latinos represent less than nine percent of those enlisted in the army, El Tiempo Latino reports, but make up 11 percent of deaths in the Iraq War.

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emiliano zapata on Apr 23, 2007 at 08:26:40 said:

"Latinos make up 11 percent of the soldiers killed in Iraq as of December, 2006 as military recruiting continues to target low-income and minority communities."
From "Editorial: Bush Out of Step with Latinos on Iraq", here on NAM; originally from El Diario/ La Prensa, Posted: Jan 09, 2007

emiliano zapata on Apr 23, 2007 at 08:05:05 said:

Howard, I'm sure it isn't news for anybody how the US has historically trained many (if not all) of the "3rd world nation['s]" dictators and military/paramilitary repressors. As to "Civil Wars, and mass ethnic cleansings" in the 3rd World, what exactly do they accomplish and for the benefit of whom? Does the US train dictators and repressors just because...?

Regarding the relative-whiteness of my latino family... hmm, what can I say. Latinos, African-Americans, Muslims, 3rd World peoples... we're all black when we're in the way. How does the old adagio go, is it "divide and conquer"?

Gomez on Apr 21, 2007 at 11:27:11 said:

I am a citizen but got a criminal fingerprint check from the FBI and sent it in asking on envelope for a rush job, for student visa. I got it back in less than a month.

jose colon on Apr 20, 2007 at 22:36:47 said:

when did latins become people of color??? I and many of my Latin brothers & sisters appear white; is that wrong or a freak of nature? Yes, I did join the U.S Army, & loving every minute of it.

Howard on Apr 20, 2007 at 19:25:58 said:

Quote \\\"The US is responsible for many more deaths than all of Nazi Germany\\\'s murders during WWII. The only way to end injustice around the World is stopping the immoral militaristic US empire.\\\" Endquote.

The diffrence is, that Nazi Germany killd over 1 million Jews, and another 1million in the USSR.
Whether or not the US commanders are using \\\"minorities\\\" as cannonfodder in their wars, the Military is the only thing keeping the USA from becoming like any other 3rd world nation, including Civil Wars, and mass ethnic cleansings. I too am a Hispanic that served in the US Army, and i have had no bad things to say. I signed up willingly, and got exactally the treatment as i expected. While in the army, i was not Black, White, Red, or Yellow skinned. In the army, i was Green.
It is unfortunate how our race is the leading number in deaths in Iraq, but how much of that can the military truely control, when the people in charge are unwilling to withdrawl all troops from Iraq?
Dimitri Diaz, The process for Citizenship through the military is a lenghty process. Being in the Army Yourself, you know all about the \\\"Hurry up and wait.\\\"
(for all others... its an army thing.)

emiliano zapata on Apr 20, 2007 at 17:24:14 said:

Latinos (just as African-Americans) are just the US Army's cannon fodder. The US military is an immoral instrument of the US militaristic regime that is spreading its resource-hungry immoral and utterly unjust power by means of genocidal wars around the world, either directly or by supporting genocidal puppet regimes. The US is responsible for many more deaths than all of Nazi Germany's murders during WWII. The only way to end injustice around the World is stopping the immoral militaristic US empire.

dimitri diaz on Mar 30, 2007 at 22:21:54 said:

I'm a U.S. ARMY Soldier on active duty status, I applied in 2003 for my Citizenship and my case is still pending. It has been four years and my case is in limbo. I served in Iraq for more than a year and here I'm just wainting for the FBI to complete the lengthly background check before I get called back in the office to swear in. Are they really doing the background check and if so why is it taking so long, or is this an example of burocracy on their part?




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