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Where Are All the Male Performers At?

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentary, Young D & Sean Shavers Posted: Feb 03, 2010

Women Know How to Make Themselves Shine
Ladies won big at the Grammys with famous artists like Beyonce, Fergie, Lady Gaga, and Pink in the building. The ladies cleaned up the house, especially Beyonce, who won six grammys and made history. Some people said women were the stars of the show. I think this was the Year of Women because female artists put in some serious work. In the entertainment business, you have to work daily to stay on top because new talent is always trying to come out. If you don't stay on top, you'll be forgotten real fast. This year, women just had more shine. I'm not saying they don't work hard. It's just that when you're making music, doing shows, making movies, and modeling, you have a better chance at being recognized and becoming big.

A lot of male artists dont dance when they perform; they just rap. Singers who dance get more approval from their fans.

There aren't many popular male singers because there is serious competition to make some hot music. R&B music is a cool sound of music but I would not pay to see a male singer perform R&B because to me, R&B music was made for you to listen to with your lover. It's not really party music. Some of the stars like T Pain and Chris Brown collaborate with famous rappers on songs to boast their buzz.

The female artists, on the other hand, put on a show. I would see Beyonce perform any day. When I watch music videos by male rappers, I'm just looking at the females in their videos.

There are male rappers who bring the same level of energy as Beyonce brings, but not many dudes want to look at dudes performing on stage.

-- Young D

It's All About Marketing
On January 31st, Beyonce became the first female artist to do what has never been done before in entertainment history: she won six grammys at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Some people wonder why female artists have become so successful in today's entertainment world, especially when traditionally, male artists like Michael Jackson controlled the industry. As an artist, you must entertain your fans and stay fresh with new music. It's important to promote your album because music promotion advertises your business. It's essential to produce new music videos and have huge performances. Your album will not sell millions if you only make a video every six months.

Michael Jackson didn't just sit there and rock out. He got people excited and they felt his energy. That is what performing is all about.

When it comes down to why female artists are coming out on top of male artists, I think certain male artists allowed fame and fortune to corrupt their minds and they've become lazy. Music is entertainment. In the entertainment business, you need to go all out. You can't take any breaks. In the entertainment business, there is someone coming up every day. When you are sleeping, someone else is working hard in the studio. Someone else is putting out a video while you are playing around. This is the music industry; this isn't some $50,000-a-year job where you can take your two-week vacation whenever you want.

These days, people watch television and music videos online way more than they listen to the radio. Fans need to see artists jumping on stage and dancing in music videos. Beyonce is big because she does exactly that. Beyonce doesn't just get on stage and bop around. She moves and shakes and puts on a show, while male artists just grab their crotches and rap. I think Beyonce won six grammys because she put out video after video, and male artists don't do that as much anymore.

The dominance of strong female performers like Beyonce isn't a matter of talent or gender. It's actually all about your marketing strategy and women have figured this formula out.

- Sean Shavers

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