Hopi Tribe Bans Environmental Groups

New America Now Radio, Audio, Odette Keeley Posted: Oct 16, 2009

Editor's Note: Odette Keeley, news anchor for "Stories From The Ethnic Media" on NAM's radio program, "New America Now" on 91.7 FM KALW, talks to ethnic media professionals about their outlets' news headlines and their take on the news of the day.

This Week on "Stories From the Ethnic Media": Hopi Tribe Bans Environmental Groups; and Children Of Mexican Immigrants With No Health Care.

Odette Keeley talks to:

A new joint U.S.-Mexico study reveals that children of Mexican parents are one of the most vulnerable sectors in Americas healthcare system. Although 86% of these children are U.S. citizens, the study says 1.5 million of them have no health insurance. According to Yurina Rico, public health editor for La Opinion, they dont even access free health programs that they are entitled to;
and, Major environmental groups were recently declared persona non grata and were banned from the Northern Arizona Hopi reservation by tribal council members. Strip coal mining is the issue. This battle concerns the tribes economy, their sovereignty and environmental protection. Carol Berry, Denver-based correspondent for Indian Country Today newspaper describes the major stakeholders.


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