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Time for Immigration Reform is Now

Ethnic Media Call for Immigration Reform

Staff Posted: Jun 25, 2009

 Editor's Note: This editorial was produced in association with New America Media (www.newamericamedia.org), a national association of ethnic media, and was published by ethnic media across the country to bring attention to the urgency of immigration reform. Ethnic media interested in running the editorial can contact mballve@newamericamedia.org.

The White House and members of Congress must move quickly on enacting a just and humane immigration reform package that will reunite families, reinvigorate the economy, and remove the term
"illegal or undocumented immigrants" from the dialogue in this country. Ethnic media, which reaches over 60 million adults in the United States, calls on Congress to move decisively on immigration reform because there are few issues as important to the nation's well-being as an overhaul of the inefficient, inhumane and economically debilitating immigration system. More importantly, we are also urging our readers and viewers to contact their Senators and Congressmen and let them know that immigration reform must be a national priority.

The immigration system is broken not just for 12 million undocumented immigrants, but also for specialized workers blocked from joining the American economy because of narrow quotas, and mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens who must wait for years before being reunited with their families.

Our nation needs comprehensive immigration policies that will replace a broken system of raids and roundups with one that protects all workers from exploitation, improves America's security and builds strong communities. It's time to end the division between workers, which has allowed big business to exploit both sides. Clearly, working-class citizens and immigrant workers have much in common -- dreams of better homes, education for their families and quality healthcare. There is more that brings us together, than separates us. United we can be a strong force for change, changes that that bring more workforce safety and humane conditions.

Immigration is often portrayed as an explosive, divisive issue. In reality it's not. Since the repeal of the national origins quota system in 1965, which discriminated against certain immigrants, a consensus has been building towards an immigration system that respects the country's core values. These include economic opportunity, equality under the law regardless of ethnic background, and an embrace of the world's most innovative, energetic and ambitious workers.

Now, with the country facing serious competition from workers abroad, it's more important than ever to create a world-class immigration system. It's good for families, good for communities and good for America.

Op-ed in Arabic
حان الوقت لتعديل قوانين الهجرة

Op-ed in Chinese

Op-ed in Korean
이민개혁을 해야 때다

Op-ed in Portuguese
A hora para a reforma imigratria agora

Op-ed in Spanish
Ha llegado la hora para una reforma migratoria

Op-ed in Vietnamese
Đ Đến Lc Phải Cải Tổ Luật Di Tr

Op-ed in German
Die Zeit fr eine Einwanderungsreform ist jetzt

Op-ed in Russian
Пришло время для иммиграционной реформы

Op-ed in Urdu
Op-ed in Urdu

Op-ed in Polish
Teraz jest czas na reformę imigracyjną

A partial list of media who have agreed to publish the op-ed:
"Balitang America" - The Filipino Channel TV (Redwood Shores, CA)
Afghan Center
Afghan Community
African American Voice (Colorado Springs, CO)
Ajabu News
Al Enteshar Al Arabi
Al Hewar Magazine
Al Manassah Al Arabyeh (Los Angeles, CA)
Al Offok Al Arabi
Al Watan Newspaper (Anaheim, CA)
Al-Ittihaad News (San Antonio, TX)
Alianza News (San Jose, CA)
America's Voice Blog
American Friends Service Committee - Immigrant Rights
AmericaOne Blog
An Nour
Arab American News (Dearborn, MI)
Arab Times (Montgomery, TX)
Aramica (Brooklyn, NY)
Arizona Chinese News (Phoneix, AZ)
Asian American Times (Mesa, AZ)
Asian Connections (Newport Beach, CA)
Asian Journal (New York, NY)
Asian Journal (San Bruno, CA)
AsianWeek (San Francisco, CA)
Associated Media-Hmong Community Radio (Clovis, CA)
Atlanta Latino (Atlanta, GA)
Atlanta Voice (Atlanta, GA)
Bangla Patrika (New York, NY)
Black Blog Watch
Black Radio Network (DC)
Black Voice News
Blog On Ethnic Media
Border Action Network Blog (Tucson, AZ)
Boston ENewz (Boston, MA)
Brazil Today (El Cerrito, CA)
Bridges TV
Bridges TV (Orchard Park, NY)
Cara a Cara with Alberto Monserrate Minn. (MN)
Carib Press (Beverly Hills, CA)
Caribbean News Today (Miami, FL)
Change.org (immigration section)
Chico Sol (CA)
China Press
China Star Media (Chicago, IL)
Chinese American Post
Chinese Radio (New York, NY)
Christians For Comprehensive Immigration Reform Blog
Citizen Orange
Coloradans for Immigrant Rights
ColorLines (Oakland, CA)
ColorsNW (Seattle, WA)
Coyote Blog
CT Indian Life (CT)
Daily Sports Seoul USA (College Point, NY)
Denver Urban Spectrum
Diario La Estrella ( Fort Worth, TX)
DMI Blog
Dorchester Reporter (Dorchester, MA)
Duo Wei News
EGP (Los Angeles, CA)
El Correo de Queens
El Crucero (Nashville, TN)
El Diario (El Paso, TX)
El Diario/La Prensa (New York, NY)
El Informador (Indio, CA)
El Latino Expreso (Fall River MA)
El Mensajero (San Francisco, CA)
El Mundo Newspaper (Austin, TX)
El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL)
El Nuevo Sol (Northridge, CA)
El Oaxaque
o (Los Angeles, CA)
El Observador (San Jose, CA)
El Periodico USA
El Planeta (Boston, MA)
El Pregonero (Washington, DC)
El Reportero (San Francisco, CA)
El Semanario
El Sol de Visalia (Visalia, CA)
El Tiempo de Modesto (Modesto, CA)
El Tiempo Latino (Arlington, VA)
Epoch Times
Epoch Times (San Francisco, CA)
Facing SOuth
Fair Immigration
Feet in 2 Worlds
Fil-Am Star (San Francisco, CA)
Filipinas Magazine (Daly City, CA)
Filipino American Journal
Filipino American Radio Network
Filipino Express
Filipino Guardian
Final Call (Chicago, IL)
GLAHR (Atlanta, GA)
Globe Newspaper Group (San Leandro, CA)
Hecho en California (San Francisco, CA)
Hispanic Communications Network (Washington, DC)
Hispanic Link (Washington, DC)
Hmong American Journal
Hmong American Reach Out
Hmong Colorado Radio
Hmong Minnesota Radio
Hmong News
Hmong Times
Hmong Today (St. Paul, MN)
Hmong Tribune
Hmong Wisconsin Radio
Immigrant Talk With A Mexican American
Immigrants in the USA Blog
Immigration Impact Blog
Immigration Law Reform Blog
Immigration Visa Lawyer Blog
Impacto Latin Newspaper
India Abroad (New York, NY)
India Currents (San Jose, CA)
India New England
India West (San Leandro, CA)
Indian Country Today
IndoLink.com (San Ramon, CA)
Indonesia Media (Glendora, CA)
IndUS Business Journal
Inquirer.Net (Daly City, CA)
International Daily News (San Francisco, CA)
IONA Magazine
j. the Jewish news weekly (San Francisco, CA)
Jambalaya News (Kenner, LA)
Kabari Magazine (San Francisco, CA)
KabariNews.com (San Francisco, CA)
Kenyan Empowerment
Kenyan Empowerment Newspaper
KGLA AM Radio Tropicale Caliente 1540
Khao Sod USA (Los Angeles, CA)
Khao Thai (Los Angeles, CA)
Korea Daily (New York, NY)
Korea Daily (San Francisco)
Korea Daily (Washington, DC)
Korea Times
Korea Times (New York, NY)
Korea Weekly (Denver, CO)
Korean Newsweek
LA 18 - "Kababayan LA" program (Los Angeles, CA)
La Campana
La Conexion Hispanic Newspaper (Raleigh, NC)
La Estrella de Tucson (Tucson, AZ)
LA Garment and Citizen (Los Angeles, CA)
La Noticia (Nashville, TN)
La Noticia de Mississippi (Ridgeland, MS)
La Noticia Newspaper (Charlotte, NC)
La Oferta (San Jose, CA)
La Opinin (Los Angeles, CA)
La Prensa (IA)
La Prensa de Minnesota
La Prensa Latina (Memphis, TN)
La Prensa San Diego (San Diego, CA)
La Prensa Times (Utah)
La Raza (Chicago, IL)
La Sabrosita (Nashville, TN)
LA Sentinel (Los Angeles, CA)
La Voz (Phoenix, AZ)
La Voz de San Diego (San Diego, CA)
LA Watts Times (Los Angeles, CA)
Las Americas Newspaper (Arlington, VA)
Latina Lista (Dallas, TX)
Latino Netroots
Latino Pundit
Linnie Bailey - African American Blogger/ NAMFellow
Little India (New York, NY)
Little Saigon Radio
Lokvani (Lexington, MA)
Long Beach Times
Manila Mail - D.C.
Manila Mail - S.F.
Metro Latino USA (Washington, DC)
Mexico Lindo
Michigan Chronicle
Michigan Citizen
Michigan Korean Times (Canton, MI)
Michigan Korean Weekly
Minnesota Spokesman Recorder (Minneapolis, MN)
MRBI Television Group (Western Region)
Mshale (Minneapolis, MN)
Mundo Hispanico
Muslim Observer (Farmington, MI)
National Arab American Times (Orlando Park, IL)
National Immigration Justice Center Blog
Navajo Times (Window Rock, AZ)
Nepali Post (Manassas, VA)
New England Ethnic News (Boston, MA)
New Orleans Agenda (New Orleans, NA)
New Tang Dynasty TV (San Francisco, CA)
New York Community Media Alliance (New York, NY)
News For Chinese(Redwood City, CA)
News India Times (New York, NY)
Nguoi Viet Tay Bac (Seattle, WA)
Nichi Bei Times
Norsan Media (Charlotte, NC)
Northend Agents Newspaper
Northwest Asian Weekly
Noticiero Semanal (Porterville, CA)
Nowy Dziennik (New York, NY)
Nuestro Foro KFCF 88.1 FM (Fresno, CA)
NY Thai Newspaper
O Jornal (Fall River, MA)
O Jornal Brazilian Journal (Fall River, MA)
Our Weekly (Los ANgeles, CA)
Pakistan Link (Anaheim, CA)
Pakistan News (Newark, CA)
Philippine Daily Mirror
Philippine Headlines
Philippine News
Philippines Today
Philvoice News
Pinoy Herald
Pinoy News Magazine (Chicago Illinois)
Pinoy Talks Magazine (New York, NY)
Pinoy Weekly
Que Pasa Newspapers North Carolina (Charlotte, NC)
Racewire (Oakland, CA)
Radio Kuva (Gainesville, FL)
Real Views (Natchitoches, LA)
Reform Immigration for American
Reporter Newspapers
Rumbo (Houston, TX)
Rutgers University, School of Communication
Sada-e Pakistan (Brooklyn, NY)
San Bernardino American News
San Francisco Bay View (San Francisco, CA)
Sereechai Newspaper
Seven Days
SF Mo Magazine
Sher-e-Punjab (New York, NY)
Siam Media (Rosemead, CA)
Silicon Valley De-Bug (San Jose, CA)
Sing Tao Daily (Los Angeles, CA)
Sing Tao Daily (New York, NY)
Sing Tao Daily (San Francisco, CA)
Sing Tao Radio (San Francisco, CA)
SinoAmerican Times (New York, NY)
South Florida Times (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Southern Chinese Daily News
Sputnik (Fairlawn, NJ)
Standing Firm
Super Express USA
Thai L.A News
Thai Overseas Newspaper
Thai Town USA (Los Angeles, CA)
The Africa Paper MN
The Arab Times -MN
The Forum on Media Diversity - Louisiana State University
The kNOw (Fresno, CA)
The Loop21.com (Sherman Oaks, CA)
The Real Views (Natchitoches, LA)
The Sanctuary
The Weekly Challenger
The Word (NY, NY)
Tribal Observer (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
Trikone Magazine (San Francisco, CA)
Twin Cities Daily Planet (Minneapolis, MN)
Unapologetic Mexican (Eugene, OR)
United Chinese News of Florida
Universal Radio Network (Atlanta, GA)
US Fiji Times
V Times
Via Times NewsMagazine (Chicago, Illinois)
Vida en el Valle (Fresno, CA)
Viet Herald Daily News
Viet Tide (Westminster, CA)
Viet Tribune (San Jose, CA)
Washington Afro (Washington, DC)
Washington Hispanic (Washington, DC)
Washington Zona VIP (Washington, DC)
White Eagle News (Boston, MA)
WJJG Radio
World Channel
World Journal (Milbrae, CA)
Yahoo news
Youth Outlook
Zethiopia (Washington D.C)


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