India's Unlikely New Immigrants

New America Media, Audio Slide Show, Text: Sandip Roy // Photos: Bishan Samaddar Posted: Feb 15, 2009

Editor's Note: Even before the recession hit the US many Indians were thinking about returning to India. The Indian GDP grew 9% in 2007. 4 out of 5 Fortune 500 companies now have some presence in India. But more than jobs and rising salaries, it’s family that’s pulling Indians back according to a recent survey by Vivek Wadhwa of Duke University and Harvard Law School. Wadhwa estimates about 50,000 Indians, most of them under 40 with advanced degrees, have returned to India in the past 20 years. He says another 50-100,000 could head back in the next five years. But a new wave of immigrants to India are actually leaving their parents behind in the U.S. in search of the Indian dream.

New America Media editor Sandip Roy traveled to India on a World Affairs Journalism Fellowship administered by the International Center for Journalists. The fellowship is sponsored by the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.

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User Comments

venkatesa on Feb 21, 2009 at 06:01:57 said:

Yes even seniors living under the care of their children are very unhappy. they need all help from chidren. but they are always worried about their jobs and family very uncertain life in a failing economy. people should no longer come to u s a.

Dana Garcia on Feb 16, 2009 at 13:41:17 said:

Yes, go home! Bon voyage! Everybody happy!

Many immigrants returned home a century ago, so this is not new.

Daniel Lion on Feb 15, 2009 at 17:57:39 said:

Great article!! lovely photos, so true. Thank you.




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