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In Newark, Activists Rage Against Continued Shootings

New York Amsterdam News, News Report , Saeed Shabazz Posted: Aug 24, 2009

Newark, New Jerseys largest city, with a population of 281,402,has been the scene of civil disobedience over the past six weeks in reaction to the spike in street violence. And while activists have been marching, rallying and shutting down major traffic arteries, the shootings have continued. In the period from 2:30 a.m. on August 17 to 1 a.m. on the 18th,there were shootings, with the victims ranging from a 14-year-old to a 62-year-old grandmother.

Three people were shot at one location. The police say that 14-year-old Keith Calhoun, who became the 48th homicide victim in 2009,may have been a victim of gang-related violence. But no motives have been uncovered for the other shootings.

Mayor Cory A. Booker and Police Director Garry McCarthy visited the scene of the triple shooting and left without issuing a statement. However, the mayor later placed a comment on his Twitter page: Police Director and I discussing strategy, but police can only do so much. It takes a village to stop young people from shooting each other.

Well, it seems that the village has been attempting to get the mayors attention for the past six weeks and has resorted to civil disobedience to force him to the table. A march and rally has been planned for August 19 at the beginning of Interstate 280. The spokesperson for the Stop the Self-Genocide Coalition, sponsors of the action, tells the AmNews that the latest spate of shootings will not discourage the movement.

What is planted in our hearts is not guilt over the recent shootings, but a determination to go on with our coalition and our agenda, Sunaja (pronounced Sun Asia), the 16-year-old spokesperson for the coalition, told the AmNews.

The coalition understands that while we are taking our movement to downtown Newark, we need to go deeper into the community, where the shooters actually live, stated Sunaja.

We started our first actions in the community and then started downtown because we realized we need to explain to those traveling on those highways what was going on in Newark and why we need their support in getting Mayor Booker to sit down with the grassroots leadership.

Some of the organizations forming the coalition are: the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), NOI, Stop Shootin Movement, Enough is Enough, Street Warriors, Saving Our Selves (SOS), Black Cops Against Police Brutality, anti-street violence activists Anthony Hall and Monica Boyd, long-time activist Ras Baraka and his father Amiri Baraka, and See Asia Queen from the Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths.

This reporter had been contacted weeks ago by the NBPP about the planning of the civil disobedience movement. According to Bashir Akinyele, spokesperson for NBPP, the killing of Newark mother Nakisha Allen on July 20 during a drive-by next door to a daycare center was the last straw.

The 2000 U.S. Census reports that 29.3 percent of Newark households are headed by a single female.

The rallies began in the community, and finally on August 5, the coalition shut down traffic for two hours at one of Newarks busiest intersections, the corners of Broad and Market streets. On August 13,500 people stopped a concert at NJPAC long enough to get their message across that the coalition wasnt going anywhere and that it was time for the mayor to meet with them. There are three demands on the table: The first is a sit-down with the mayor; the second is the firing of McCarthy; and the third is that a mental health emergency be declared in Newark and that jobs are provided for the 15 percent in the Black community who are unemployed.

The mayor responded on WBGO-FM the night of the NJPAC rally, saying that he supported McCarthy, who had led Newark in becoming the No.-1 city in reducing shootings. The following statistics were provided by Booker: From January 1 to May 1, there were 14 homicides, compared to 17 during the same period in 2008. Also, there has been a 40 percent reduction in shootings in the past three years.

We understand that we have a lot of work to donot standing on [our past] success, Booker told the radio audience. The activists involved with the coalition say that there is a need for the administration to provide more resources so that community-based organizations can work with the youth. We want the full participation of the city administration that means health providers, educators, economic advisers and the DEA and ATF to sit down with street organizations, activists and no matter how long it takes, not to leave the room until we have a game plan, a member of the coalition, who wished to remain anonymous, told the AmNews.

That coalition member also revealed that the mayor has met secretly with some members, which is causing concern that the groups unity has been breached. The AmNews was told last week that a coalition member was sitting in a recent meeting sending text messages to the mayor.

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