High Voter Turnout Expected for San Jose Recall

Nguoi Viet, Jami Farkas Posted: Mar 03, 2009

The election isn’t until Tuesday, but more than 7,000 voters already have cast ballots in the contest to recall San Jose councilwoman Madison Nguyen, the Mercury News reports.

As of Monday, more than 7,100 absentee ballots had been submitted, almost as many as the total number of votes in the 2005 election that put Nguyen in office.

Turnout is expected to reach as high as 40 percent of the 30,777 registered voters in San Jose’s District 7, officials of the Santa Clara County registrar’s office told the Mercury News.

The Recall Madison Nguyen Committee is seeking to oust Nguyen over a 2007 dispute over the name of a Vietnamese shopping district in the city. Nguyen supported renaming part of Story Road the Saigon Business District instead of Little Saigon.

Angry residents subsequently launched the recall drive, gaining enough signatures to take the issue to a vote. The Mercury News said the recall committee has raised more than $113,000 in contributions, with Nguyen taking in more than $250,000, much of it from labor unions and the business community.

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