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Vietnamese Women Tricked and Sold their Coworkers into Brothel in China

Posted: Aug 28, 2012

 Bac Ninh Province People's Court has recently sentenced the accused Bui Thi Yen 9 years, Hoang Thi Lan 8 years, Vi Thi Thuy 7 years to prison for trafficking in persons. These three criminals used cruel tricks to sell their colleagues and roommates into the brothels “devils’ dens” in China. Do Dinh Chuyen and Do Viet Thi are currently at-large. The Bac Ninh Provincial Police are pursuing them .

According to the police, while living in the home of a man named Phuc in Ninh Minh, China, Hoang Thi Lan (born 1994) who was originally in New Hamlet - An Lac - Son Dong - Bac Giang province became acquainted with with Bui Thi Yen (born 1979) who was from Phu Thanh - Lac Thuy- Hoa Binh province.

After returning to Vietnam, Yen called Lan to brainstorm on how to find women to bring to China to sell for cash. Lan collaborated with Vi Thi Thuy (born 1993, in An Lac - Son - Bac Giang), Đỗ Viết Thi (born 1989) and Đỗ Viết Chuyên (Dong Tien - Thieu Son Thanh Hoa province), all of whom were renting rooms in the same area of Hoan Son - Tien Du, Bac Ninh province. They discussed and agreed to trick Trinh Thi Y (born in 1993, in Ngoc Chau-Tan Yen, Bac Giang province) and take Y to Lang Son. Y was Thuy’s coworker in the same company in Tien Son Industrial Park. The object instance Ms. Y travel then trick to China.

As planned, the morning of 08/23/2011, Chuyen and Lan successfully brought Trinh Thi Y to Lang Son and then across to China to sell Y to Bui Thi Yen for 9 million dong ($450 USD equivalent). A few days later, Lan continued calling urged Thuy to find more women to bring across to China.

Unable to find other easy targets, Lan suddenly thought of her roommate Nguyen Thi N (born 1995) in Xom Tao - Mao Dien - Thuan Thanh who is a factory worker for Yuseong Vina Co., Ltd. in Tien Son Industrial Park.

Thuy phoned Lan to discuss plans to trick N. to Lang Son under the ruse of picking up medicine and then they could sell N. across border to China. As they planned, towards the end of August 2011, Lan and Thuy succeeded in tricking N to come to Lang Son, then brought N to China for Bui Thi Yen. Yen subsequently sold N to a woman at the price of 2,000 yuan ($315 usd).

After a period of time searching for their missing daughter, on October 28, 2011, Trinh Thi Y’s relatives found her in a brothel in China and brought her back to Vietnam. Sadly, Nguyen Thi N was sold to work as a prostitute in China since then and there has not been any news of her whereabouts.

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